Mind the Gap!

So basically we are superheroes…yes you read right, superheroes! Our super power: kicking Jet Lags butt! We were up until 11pm last night and up at 7am this morning, just like we’ve been here all our lives.

We started our day with a train ride to Hampton Court Palace. This was a new experience for us as it was an actual rail line and not just part of the underground! It went off without a hitch, well unless you count the 20 minutes we sat at some random station because a car hit a bridge and the engineers had to check it was still safe to go over. Hampton Court was ridiculous! Hampton Court was the home of Henry VIII and his many wives as well as the other Tudor monarchs. After the Tudors were gone the palace was partially reconstructed by Williams III and Mary II 150 years later. The palace today looks like 2 palaces squished together. There were so many random rooms devoted to every little thing the King & Queen could ever do…Big bedrooms, little bedrooms, public dinning rooms, private dinning rooms, and everything else a King could possibly need and more! On of the highlights was the gardens. They were extravagant! So many flowers, so many colors, so well kept. There was even a maze! Of course we went through it…luckily Bean had Kris to help her out so we didn’t have flashbacks of Hawaii.

This brings us to the first “literary tour” of the trip. Our next stop was King’s Cross Station. It was “packed with muggles as usual” 😉 We found the entrance to Platform 9 3/4 (which was tricky as it’s not actually in the station really) and got our trolley halfway through. Unfortunately not all the way through, meaning we will be coming home eventually, not running away to Hogwarts. That’s not to say we won’t try again…and again…and maybe one more time after that!
20110817-114343.jpg. 20110817-114424.jpg
Just down the road from King’s Cross is the British Library. There are some really awesome old books, etc there. We checked out the Magna Carta, one of the first printed Bibles and some of the original works of Shakespeare, Austen & The Beatles (song lyrics just scribbled on random sheets of paper). To add to it we stopped at Blackfriars Bridge on our evening walk (details to follow). Luckily we didn’t get attack by automatons while there. This won’t mean anything to any of you but is feature in a book Justine & I love…Lex, it’s Clockwork Angel, so get reading!

We then took the tube over to the Tower Hill area because we were going to go on an evening walking tour. However it started to rain rather heavily and we were not dressed for such a thing, still being in the skirts we had put on in the morning. So instead we did a little wander to get a good exterior look at the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. We’re going to tour the Tower another day.
We decided to return to the hostel and get better equipped for the weather. Armed with our pants, shoes and rain coats we decided to walk the South bank of the river. It was really lovely as we ended up with a lot of great twilight river views. We walked by the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and some awesome bridges including going over the Millenium Bridge (featured in HP&HBP).
Having skipped supper we had to end the tour with a stop off at McDonalds…a little anticlimactic but it was late and have you ever eating McD’s with a view like this?

Now it’s blog post time. Tonight we are situated in the pub under our hostel, having a pint and writing a postcard to Grandma & Grandpa.

Random Observations of the Day:
– A lot of planes fly out of London…Justine notices & points out them all…
– All of those things you hear about BritIan, they’re all true! There really are double-decker buses, big red telephone booths and they do crazily drive on the other side of the street ( not that we didn’t know about that, it’s just really weird)
– Everyone talks with an accent all the time…we keep forgetting and smiling as some kid walks by talking about cricket. Kids with accents are the cutest!

Highlights of the Day:
1. Taking a horse buggy ride through the Hampton Court gardens.
2. Attempting to force our way onto the magical platform at King’s Cross (and not being the one people standing around for a turn).

Love, Luck & Let Me Through!!!!!!!!


7 responses

  1. You guys have to try getting onto the platform at the right time! It seals at 11 am does it not? So maybe that was your problem… =) Enjoy!


    • Nothing special…they have Flake in their McFlurries, which is a chocolate bar we see everywhere added to everything…don’t worry, we bought onto try!


  2. It all sounds wonderful!! I’m glad you aren’t going off to Hogwarts – 4 months is long enough – 7 years would be too much!! Don’t forget to eat. Love you both.


    • I forgot to write that we skipped dinner cause we had a large late lunch of Fish & Chips!!! They were delicious! Don’t worry, we’re still eating. We packed a lunch for today! Love you too!


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