Spoiler Alert!

Good Morning World…or good night to all of our readers!
We are just having breakfast before we head off to Buckingham Palace! We are hoping to be invited for tea with the Queen. We would also accept tea with Princess Kate. (Don’t worry Uncle Larry I’ll remember all of the things you taught me about eating with the Queen.)

Just thought we’d let you know you have until tomorrow night to answer the historical figures question…that’s tomorrow night for us so like 3 or 4ish on Saturday at home. We think you should definitely give it a shot as the prize will be awesome. You can also make changes to your original guess…for the record the 2 who have answered so far both got some points but are not exactly correct!

Also maybe we’ll offer participation points for those who list theirs…even just 1 or 2 is fine. You don’t have to do all 5!

Anyway, off to start another busy day!
Love & Luck,


6 responses

  1. Ok. Here it goes. Dylan and I are guessing together. Our guesses are:

    Kristin: Abraham Lincoln, Anne Boelyn, William Shakespeare, Alberta Einstein, Jane Austen

    Bean: Anne Boelyn, King Louis XIV, Czar Nicholas II…. and we just have no idea who else – you know more historical figures than I’m sure we’ve ever even heard of! 🙂

    NOW, here are MY top historical picks for the moment:
    1. William Shakespeare
    2. Albert Einstein
    3. Anne Boelyn (I’ve mostly just read a bit about her on Wiki since you guys are such big fans. I’m not sure that I know enough about her to feel justified including her on my list, but I would like to learn more.)
    4. Henry Ford
    5. Ulrich Salchow & Sonja Henie

    AND, here are my top picks for “Future Historical Figures” (Creativity points…???)
    – Will & Kate
    – Lady Gaga
    – Jamie Oliver
    – Steve Jobs



    • Good grief, your blog is making me jealous… but I’m so happy that you are such good bloggers 🙂

      I have to say, I think Kelsey’s picks for Top Historical Figures are pretty good. I’ll have to do some thinking and decide if I can do better…

      Love you both!


  2. Okay here are our final guesses:

    Beany: Anne Boelyn, Czar Nicholas II, Henry the Eighth, King Louis the Fourteenth and Marie Antoinette

    Kristin: Anne Boelyn, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Rasputin

    And here are the families picks:

    Anne Boleyn, Henry the Eighth, Queen Elizabeth the First,

    Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Heather Locklear (cause shes hot)

    I tired really hard to think of some..I even looked on Google. But I just couldn’t find any that I think are top five worthy. But I tried really hard.


  3. I think Brad should lose points for Heather Locklear……really…..

    My picks:
    William Harvey, Martin Luther King (fairly recent but definitely more historic than Heather Locklear – and at least he’s dead), Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Wilbur Wright

    Harvey’s picks:
    Henry Ford, Rudolph Diesel, Sir John A McDonald, Orville Wright, Caveman who invented the wheel

    Hope you enjoyed punting!! Loved seeing your smiling faces today!


  4. I need to make a change in my top 5 – just in case any of my blood banker friends read this. I can’t believe I forgot this one – I will replace Marie Curie with Karl Landsteiner.


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