A Gravy Jig

Hello everyone!!! For the first time, today’s blog post comes from somewhere other than London!

We got up this morning and finished packing our belongings back into our bags (we were still able to fit everything in just fine). After a quick breakfast we set off on our first big train trip. Although to be honest big is a bit of an exaggeration…
Destination: Cambridge
Travel Time: approx. 1 hour
However this was our first go with our rail passes, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We were planning on taking the 10:15am train from Kings Cross Station. We figured if we left our hostel at 9 this would probably give us enough time to sort things out…but we also knew there was another train to Cambrigde leaving at 10:45 if we needed to catch it instead. As it turns out though tickets lines are not long at 9:30 on a Saturday and all that we had to do to board the train was get one stamp on our railpasses to validate them. In the end we caught the 9:55 train!

The train ride itself was uneventful, although we’ve learned that long train rides make us sleepy. Our hostel was just a short walk from the station (and easily found using Kristins cue card maps!). It was too early to check in but we were able to leave our bags in the luggage room so we could go explore the town.

Cambridge really is a “College Town”. It is basically made up of colleges, churches and a small section of shops in the center. Cambridge is the home to 31 colleges and just as many churches. The first college was founded in 1206.
20110820-065324.jpg 20110820-065339.jpg 20110820-065401.jpg
Trinity College, Kings College & St Johns College (in that order)

We found a small Farmers Market and bought a whole pint of the most delicious strawberries. Our walk took us to a nice green spot next to the river right by a punting boat docking point. Punting boats are the flat type ones where you have to push them along with a long stick. We sat there for a good couple hours just unwinding, watching the ducks and eating strawberries and crackers still left over from this weeks picnic lunches. Justine even caught a few zzzzs. Kristin was rather concerned as we were sat right on the edge of the river, but Justine doesn’t roll in her sleep so she stayed dry.

It got a little rainy for awhile at this point so we walked back to the hostel and checked in. The rooms seem nice at this one 🙂 We also did a little bag reorganizing…still working out the perfect system. Now Cambridge is a nice town but the rain was making walking around a little cold & wet so we found a coffee shop with free wifi and had a skype chat with the Padget family! Yay! Shout out to some of our fans back home, haha! The Kummer family couldn’t get up in time and our hour of free Internet ran out. But no worries, we wandered the streets (in a sightseeing type way) until we found some free wifi. Stealing from a little hotel and restaurant we were able to talk to the Kummer family. Yay! 🙂

Next came supper time and we found a nice little British place called The Beef Baron. It was delicious. Kristin had sausage and mash, three pork sausages served with mashed potato, peas and gravy served in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Justine had a roast beef Yorkshire wrap, hot roast bred wrapped in a giant Yorkshire pudding, served with chips and peas and a jug of gravy for dipping (yes, a jug!). And in case you were wondering, those were the descriptions straight out of the menu.
And yes they are playing Justin Bieber in the restaurant right now 🙂 Followed closely by Roxette!

We at going on a Ghost Tour tonight…oooooo scary… It’s half on a punting boat and half walking. We’re thinking it will be good, and if all else fails we at least got to go punting. We won’t be done that until relatively late tonight and we’re not sure we will have Internet access then, so this post is going up early. We will tell you about the tour on tomorrow’s post!

Random Observations:
– British intersections don’t have enough traffic signs to make sense to us…they seem sketchy…

Highlights of the Day:
1. Talking to our families!
2. Our feet don’t hurt today!

That’s all for today folks…we know it’s less exciting than the last couple of posts, but we really needed the down time! (Plus I hear Doug made a really awesome post today!)

Love, Luck & Lazy Days


2 responses

  1. Loved this post! Kris, that meal should keep you going for awhile. My British mom would be drooling! Do they still call it Bangers and Mash?


  2. You know that Auntie Debbie and I will always be happy if you tell us what you ate – and especially when you post pictures of the food!! Hope the tour was fun and there were no swans on the river.


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