It was a dark and spooky night on the docks of Cambridge. It was here that our heroines first encountered The Witch. Herding them and 3 others onto a punt she bewitched a fine young fellow to push them down the river. As they glided through the water the ladies tried to master their fear enough to gaze upon the backs of the fine colleges that lined the banks. These were the same school the maidens had seen the fronts of on their turn about town earlier in the day. Drawing courage, they did hear many tales of death and spirit alike. They gazed upon many a bridge but none so important as one “Cam Bridge” for it is that fine feet of engineering that doth gave this town it’s name. One spin chilling tale told of a severed head that did change hands many a time. When The Witch was satisfied that their work on the river was done she commanded of her new young minion to dock the boat in a location most unfriendly. Then the group did wander through the streets by the faint orange glow of the streets lights. Here more storise unfolded as the fair maidens followed in an eerie trance. Past grave yard and darkened church the sinister group did travel, hearing a haunting tale of hangings and handsome suitors unable to escape the closet that did trap them. Be alas our heroines did come to escape The Witch in the end, once they had been warned that everyone’s time is slowly ticking away…..
(To sum up, the tour was quite good. We got to ride in a punt and learn some fun historical facts about the town and the colleges, all mixed together with some good ghosts stories. It was also worth it just to walk down all of the old spooky streets at night when it was only lit by the street lamps.)
20110822-084717.jpg 20110822-084724.jpg

Today our heroines learned that their first trip was not a fluke, rail riding in Britian really is that easy. We planned out our journey to Nottingham yesterday so all we had to do this morning was hop on the train and go. Getting off the train in Nottingham, there was only one thing we wanted to see: the Robin Hood statue. This was surprisingly easy to find, which was good since we carried our backpacks the entire time. In case your wondering it can be found on Maid Marion Way, just off Friar Lane 🙂 The statue was located right next to Nottingham castle so we got to check it out too. The castle was built by William the Conquerer (what else was built by William the Conquerer? Bonus point for the first person to comment with the correct answer) and looks like a REALLY old medieval building.

Now we’re going to teach you something about train ridin’. People can reserve seats on the train or you can just get the ticket, hop on and find a free seat. We knew this and have so far chose not to reserve any seats as it costs a bit extra (like on an airplane sometimes). On all of our trains so far we’ve just found a seat with no reservations and off we went. But on our way from Nottingham to York the trains were awfully full of reservations and people who had got on and sniped the seats at stations before us. So now we know what riding the train sitting on your bag in an entry way is like. Justine found a seat halfway through the journey but Kristin found her bag was rather comfortable and just settled herself in for the ride. We spent more of our train time today writing in our journals, although we did play cards for a while. The guys seated behind Justine were trying to help Kristin cheat.

Our hostel here is a YHA (Youth Hostel Association) hostel just like our one in Cambridge, so the two are quite similar. This one seems a bit bigger and were in a 4 person room this time (instead of 6). So far we don’t have any roommates, but we’ll see when we get home. The hostel also has a good laundry room, which is good because we decided today would be an ideal laundry day. We’re here more than one night so our sweaters can hang dry…plus we’re getting close to the end of our supply of underoos (Was that an over share?)

Tomorrow we go out to explore York! Spoiler Alert! Vikings!

Random Observations:
– There are a lot of wasps in Britain…Dylan Beware! But no mosquitos!
– Not everyone staying in hostels is a young person…over the last two days we have seen old people, middle aged people and families with small children as well.

What we Learned Today:
– Justine realized the Victorian Era would be named after Queen Victoria…*slow clapt* hey! I’d just never thought of it that way before!

Highlights of the Day:
1. Being Robin Hood 🙂
2. Kristin doing her makeup in the hallway of the hostel so she could sit by Ignatius Patrick (aka IgPat) (aka iPad) could charge…as we had no outlets in our room…

Love, Luck & Laundry


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  1. I’m glad to hear that your iPad has such an auspicious name. Ralpph & Bob may be jealous! Hope you have a great day with the Vikings. Remember Kristin that you do have some Danish heritage – which is a bit Vikingish…..


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