The Results are In…

Here it is!!!!!!!! The results of your first challenge!
First let us say thanks for participating! We really really really love reading your comments over breakfast so keep them coming!

Now here are the correct answers:

1. Anne Boleyn
2. Louis XIV
3. Henry VIII
4. Tsar Nicholas II (and the rest of the Romanovs)
5. Marie Antoinette (and Louis XVI)

1. Anne Boleyn
2. Abe Lincoln
3. Johannes Gutenburg
4. Thomas Edison
5. Alexandar the Great

And the points stand as such after your first challenge (remember bonus points were given for your answers):
1. Alexa (& the Kummer Parents) (8pts)
2. Padget Parents (7pts)
3. Kelsey (6pts)

We wish there were more people listed here!
Now don’t be discouraged if you’re not winning right now or think you’re out of the race if you missed is challenge…there are plenty of challenges to come over the next 4 months!
(if there’s enough participation we could give prizes for more than just first place…)


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