Good morning dedicated readers! We are currently speeding across the English countryside on our way to Edinburgh and I should be writing in my journal as I’m still a couple of days behind. However instead I am compelled to tell you a little about the view out my window…

To the left there are these great rolling hills. Not big ones, just little mounds that keep the ground from being too flat. They are so vibrantly green that it’s hard to believe it’s real grass and not some phony AstroTurf. The trees are a darker shade, but still just as green as the grass surrounding them. Every once in a while we pass a farm with a few golden fields and pastures of cows or sheep. They’re like fluffy little pillows and make me smile every time we pass a flock of them! Right now there is a rough stone wall that looks like it could have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years running through the middle of everything. Fences like this seem to be everywhere. Some are even ivy covered. It’s brilliant!

On the right is the coast. It’s green grass, a strip of brown sand and then blue water. It’s the kind of beautiful deep mixed mixed-up blue that you get when you look out at the ocean on the west coast. There’s even lighthouses occasionally. I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’ve only ever really seem lighthouses in Oregon before, so it’s fun to see them on an entirely different side of the world.

When we happen to pass through a town every one of them has either an old run down wall, all crumbly and ancient looking, or a huge cathedral in the distance. How many massive churches were built over this countryside in the past millennium? A number too large to count on this train ride to be sure!

Oh, Justine’s waking up! Time to go!
XO Kris


3 responses

  1. It sound positively lovely!! You have seen lighthouses on the east coast as well – in North Carolina…. but again, I’m sure not as old as the ones in Scotland! Uncle Larry just doesn’t have the love for Doug that we do – we overlook his faults as we know how wonderful he is!! Looking forward to hearing about Edinburgh.


    • Uncle Larry was, of course, joking and is eagerly awaiting Doug’s next post! BTW, Uncle Larry’s first words when he comes home from work is :”What do the girls have to say?”


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