No Nessie so we’ll switch to Brad

Thanks for the participation with our earlier challenge. Congratulations to the Padget Parents and the Kummer family (who will count as one until Alexa leaves home, then it’s Lex & the Kummer Parents) who each earned themselves another 2 points! And yay for Kristin who has joined the running with her first 2 points! And no that’s not talking about yours truly writing this blog but a fair young lady from up north who we love dearly!

Here are the actual answers for anyone curious & wanting to learn:
1. Baikal
2. Tanganyika
3. Superior
4. Michigan-Huron
5. Malawi
We also accepted the Caspian Sea because although it had oceanic properties, it is an inland body of water.

What fun point challenges are! Keep your eyes open…there might be another one coming at you very soon…

Today’s train ride was 3.5 hours. Justine slept and wrote in her journal while icing & elevating her foot. Kristin wrote in her journal and played mahjong. Not thrilling stuff but we need to pad this entry a little to keep to from being too short.

Our arrival into Glasgow went swell. Kristin had been worried this would be one of the trickier hostels to get to since it wasn’t in walking distance of the rail station. However Glasgow has a handy subway system (and it is called the subway here!) that we popped out of just 2 blocks from the hostel. This underground was a breeze after London as it was really just one big circle…kinda like the LRT: one route, choose a direction. The hostel is nice. We have a tiny 4 bed room…emphasis on the tiny but with only 4 people max in it there shouldn’t be a problem.

Arriving in Glasgow we didn’t really know what there was to do so we hoped on the Crazy Tourist Sightseeing Bus Tour. We hoped on at the University of Glasgow and rode the loop for an hour and forty-five minutes.
So basically in Glasgow, we didn’t do much but we saw lots of things. These included a lot of museums, some churches (one was all ancient and burnt looking), some shopping centers (one with a crazy glass pyramid roof) and some lovely gardens within the city. To be honest we never actually got off the bus, it was just the Glasgow by bus today. We did learn a few things though, like that they used to do major ship building here, including the Queen Mary (we’ve been there!). Also they’re building a six start hotel and although they already have multiple theaters they are building yet another one as all of the existing ones are pretty much booked up for the next 10 years.
20110826-060402.jpg 20110826-060353.jpg

The most exciting part of the loop was the closure of their main city square. This square has been closed down because Brad Pitt is currently filming his film World War Z here. We didn’t get to see Brad Pitt but we did see lots of people dressed in military uniforms and a set that looked like crashed cars.

We wandered through the university a little when we got off the bus.
The problem with Glasgow is that everything closes at 5pm…not giving you a lot of sightseeing time when you only show up here at 1pm. The university was nice, with some old buildings. In contrast to UofA the ugliest buildings were the Engineering ones (called the James Watt building as he actually went there!). They really need to find some oil in this area, then their engineering schools could get some money! At this point it started to rain so we found refuge in a pub across the way. Here’s tonight’s supper:
Yes, those are burgers…how very North American of us. But you may notice we had tea with them and even put cream & sugar in it as the British do. Also check out our British pudding course:
Sticky Toffee Pudding! Yum Yum Yum!

Random Observations:
– There are no stop lights that go over top of the street here. We had noticed this before but it didn’t come to us until today that it was probably because double-decker buses would hit them!
– There really are snack trolleys on trains 🙂 “Anything off the trolley dears?”

Highlights of the Day:
1. Sticky Toffee Pudding…good call Dylan 🙂

So to finish off, we have come to one big conclusion today: Although Glasgow is a nice city, if it can have a sightseeing bus tour, so can Edmonton! We think we are equally exciting for visitors.
So here’s your challenge: help us name the sightseeing stops of the Edmonton Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour! We will give one point for each stop you name, however they have to pass our strict set criteria based on our tour experience…so no, Valley Blades will not count as a stop Bradley! You will only get points for original spots, meaning the first person to name a sight is the only one who gets points for it.
Get researching, get creative and get embracing your Edmontonianism (yes, we just made that word up). You have till we publish the day after tomorrow to get your submissions in.

Love, Luck & Limited Time,


23 responses

  1. Hmmm, no posts yet, soooo lets see what I can do!

    – Fort Edmonton
    – Parliament Buildings
    – UofA
    – Hawrelak Park
    – Muttart Conservatory

    Routes the enclosed, heated, double decker bus should travel:
    – Whyte Ave
    – the road just north of the river, that goes by the glenora


  2. Oh I forgot about adding my next picture request! Can you post a picture of what one of your rooms in a hostel looks like? The food pictures are great! (happy face) Do you find that when you put : ) on here, the happy face that you end up with is incredibly creepy???


  3. I GOT THIS ONE!!!

    West Edmonton Mall, High Level bridge and STREETCAR, Muttart Conservatory Pyramids, Legislative buildings, Old Strathcona farmers market/Whyte Ave, Royal Alberta Museum, Art Gallery of Alberta/City Hall/Sir Winston Churchill Square, St. Josephs Basillica where Wayne Gretzky got married, Fort Edmonton Park, Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre, John Walter Museum, William Hawrelak Park, Rutherford House, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park (the one with the Chinese Gardens), CHINATOWN dragons (kiss for good luck!), Telus world of Science, Jurassic Forest, Father Lacombe Chapel (oldest building in Alberta), The Queen Riverboat, Aviation Museum with the AIRPLANE statue, and that’s all I got for now…


  4. Ok – how about:
    – West Edmonton Mall
    – Edmonton Art Gallery
    – Winspear Centre
    -McDonald Hotel
    -Royal Alberta Museum

    I’ll leave the more obscure ones for the Kummer family. 🙂


  5. Oh darn – I guess Nikki types faster than me – so I’m left with the McDonald and the Winspear.. And let’s add the Wayne Gretzky statue. Our idea of a statue of a historical figure.


  6. Dad P just thought of the west end snow mountain – which in a year like this could be a permanent stop as it still isn’t completely melted.

    And I might be a bit dense – but I don’t get the title of today ‘s entry…..


      • We thought it funny that on this post, like the only one where the name has actually related to anything, you said you didn’t get it…
        Like did you get “In Titan We Believe”?


  7. Woah Comments! Haha! If you haven’t answered yet don’t despair! There’s still about 5 sights that Justine & I thought of that haven’t been listed!


  8. Well, all I have to add is that I LOVE sticky toffee pudding (easy to make, Kris) and want to know what food costs there! Have a good day tomorrow.


  9. Garneau Theater, Commonwealth Stadium, Shaw Conference Center, Canada Place, Castrol Raceway, Grant MacEwan University (downtown campus)…

    Hope your tendinitis is doing ok Justine!!


  10. Well whats the point of even trying now. You guys pretty much named all of Edmonton.

    But these are a few places that I don’t think anyone has posted.
    – The River Valley
    – The Valley Zoo
    – The Waterpark
    – Galaxyland
    – The Space and Science Centre
    – Mayfield Dinner Theater
    – Fantasyland Hotel
    – Terwillegar Park
    – The Jube
    – Rundle Park
    – Rexall

    I don’t think some of these places would be tour worthy, but I need to try to get points!!!


  11. Uncle Larry says this bus should go to Gaetz Avenue, statue of Leonard Gaetz,, historic Gaetz-Cornett drug store; Gaetz United Church, and the site of the Gaetz Avenue Dance Band first concert; of course, the bus would have to travel 130 km south. 🙂


  12. The bus will leave Westmount Mall at 9:00 AM. Once you are on the bus we will explain that this is Edmonton’s first mall. then we will grive down groat road and into Hawrelak park and explain the feastivals we have there each year. Then go up to the UFA and explain the history.Drive by the Ronald Macdonald house and then stop at the LRT tracks just south of the UFA hospital and explain that in the 1980″s Edmonton had the money to build the LRT underground but didn’t so this is why we are still sitting here. Drive down Whyte Ave, Then drive to Barb and Ernie’s for a Brunch. After everybody is on the bus go to the
    Macdonalds at 50 ST and 101 A and tell them that is our first in EDomton. Drive up Wayne Gretzky Drive by Rexal and show them the statue and tell them that is where all the old Oilers now work. Turn left on 118 ave and show them the sport statues at 118 ave and 97 st. Then go on Kingsway Ave and show them the muni airport that the city want to get rid of. Turn right on St Albert Trail and go to 13039 -123 A Ave and tell them that is where the first KPM kid wasfirst raised. Go down 142 ST to the Space Science center and then do down 11 Ave to 170 ST and drive by West EDM Mall and show them what it all is as you drive by. Then go down 178 St to 19008 74 Ave to show them where the second KPM kid was raised..Go back up to 87 Ave and go past the Zoo which will take about 25 sec. to explain. Then go up 142 St and turn left at 115 Ave and take them to VBL and give them a spice. Turn around and take them back to Westmount. and call it a day and collect your tips.


  13. Woo not too much left… let’s see what I can come up with…

    -Lister Centre (the largest primarily student-run residence in Canada)
    -Telus Field (where the Edmonton Capitals of the GBL play, as well as the location of many Oilers events throughout the season)
    -The Oilers Head Office across from Kingsway Mall
    -Molson House (the location of the press conference in 1988 announcing the Gretzky trade. This one would be a little tricky because no one seems to know where it is at the moment… it was sold to a new owner and taken apart to be relocated, it remains to be seen where it will end up)
    -The Alberta Railway Museum
    -The Strathcona Wilderness Center
    -The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (apparently this is quite awesome… defs want to check it out sometime)
    -Citadel Theatre

    Hmm… I think that’s all I’ve got. On a side note, did you know you could go on Edmonton Ghost Tours?


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