In 1630 our country was like…trees!

Oh we are in for another exciting post today…insert sarcasm here…Today was another travel day. We woke up in Belfast and will go to sleep in Wicklow. That’s basically the premise of the entire day, but if you want more detail continue on…

Scenes from Last Day’s Post:
Justine & Kristin Titanic toured, toured Belfast and pub ghost toured.

Check out time was really quite late at this hostel so we decided to get up & get ready, go for breakfast and then come back, grab our stuff & check out. That way we wouldn’t have to carry our bags around for as long. Can any of you guess where we went for breakfast this morning? If you guessed The Bridge House you would be exactly right. We realize that 3 meals in a row at the same restaurant is a little repetitive but it was literally the only place open. Today is a bank holiday here which basically means the country just shuts down. We ordered a few different things and shared a mini breakfast buffet 🙂

After returning to our hostel and checking out we walked to the train station. It was a little ways from the hostel but nothing we couldn’t handle now that Justine is healing up! We sat around for a little while at the station as our train didn’t leave until 12:35. Then we headed off to country #4: Ireland! The train ride was much the same as every other: Justine slept & Kristin played on her iPad. When we arrived in Dublin we repeated the process. Buy train ticket…wait for train…ride train… We did get to see many lovely ocean views (well not ocean, it’s technically the Irish Sea, but it’s all the same water in the end).

When we arrived in Wicklow a nice old lady offered to drive us to the hostel. Now we would not have taken a ride from just anyone (that’s sketchy) but this lady was so frail looking that we were pretty sure one of us could take her with one hand tied behind their back…plus she seemed very much on the up and up. In the end she was and dropped us off right at the hostel doorstep. This hostel is called Captain Hapland’s Bunkhouse. Isn’t that a fun name? It’s really nice with a big kitchen and common area and very clean rooms. We’re in a 6 person room with only one roommate by the looks of it.

Once we had settled in we went to work emptying all of our clothes and sorting them. It’s Laundry Day! So we could wash as much as possible we put on our only clean clothes: skirts, cardigans and long sleeve shirts. Justine thinks she looked like a school teacher (if her skirt was longer) and Kristin totally looked like a school girl.
20110829-080543.jpg 20110829-080552.jpg

We have only done a little wandering about town while looking for somewhere to eat but we already know we like it here. We are very happy we decided to do this random stop on the middle of nowhere!

Scenes from Next Day’s Post:
We get exploring Wicklow Town, the heart of Wicklow County, settled in the midst of the Wicklow Mountains.
Wicklow is so picturesque it has been featured in a number of shows & movies! A point for anyone who can name one…2 points if we’ve actually heard of it! (don’t be a point hog, give someone else a chance…each person may only name one show & one movie…2 things total)

Love, Luck & Lots of Laundry!


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  1. Quite interesting to read in my research about the extensive film industry there. It must be very picturesque. Glad you are getting laundry done. You both look very cute! What did you have for dinner?


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