I think it’s bound for Singapore!

There once were 2 girls from the west
who set off for 4 months on a quest.
For they wanted to see
how the world could be.
Now they’ve stopped on the coast for a rest…

This morning in the county of Wicklow
we got up and got dressed to go
out to town to explore
and find out once more
why it’s film credits continue to grow.

For breakfast was porridge, not trout,
and bread that caused us to shout!
With it’s pumpkin & spice
it did taste very nice.
We wanted to smuggle loaves out!

Through town to harbor we did wander
so the sea of blue we could ponder.
Bean found much glee
in the beloved Irish sea
but was distracted by green hill over yonder.

So to that spot we did make haste.
But ample time we did waste
for we found ourselves lost.
That is the cost
of crossing the river we faced.

With the Leitrim river and town behind,
on the desired hill we did find
stones laid in an arch
and were soldiers did march
to fire cannons at other kind.

Now here a castle once stood.
From the old 4th story one could
see attacks from the ridge
and raise the drawbridge
which was likely made of strong wood.

It may come as a bit of a shock
but all that remains on that rock
is one lonely wall.
The rest did fall
in the 1600s, block by block.

Our next stop was the Historic Gaol,
which we learned was a jail most foul!
In this most haunted place
the prisoners would face
hardships without so much as a towel.

In historic 1798
a failed rebellion the Irish did create.
To Australia on a ship,
doesn’t seem like a very nice trip.
But that was a defeated soldiers fate.

At lunchtime, out finding treats
were school kids in sweaters and pleats.
Kristin said No!
Justine said Go!
to the uniforms we saw on the streets.

Up above the town is a trick of the eye,
a Cathedral that looks CGI!
It really was neat
so we found us a seat
and took in views, sea to sky.

At this point it was time for a snack.
But the proper provisions we did lack!
At the supermarket we stood
with a yummy baked good
plus fruit & frozen veggies in our pack!

We took a short break to eat.
It wasn’t much of a feat.
But Justine did put
ice on her foot
as she does each time we are beat!

We had a rather lazy afternoon.
Not much from it to add to this tune.
We did walk around.
Some tea we found.
And the dish ran away with the spoon!

Finally a delicious supper did touch our lips.
Kristin’s was a steak sandwich with a side of chips.
Justine had beef stroganoff
Not a meal at which you’d cough,
But it will likely just end on our hips!

Random Observations of this Trip:
That this side of the world needs a grip.
Young people seem to smoke
like their health is a joke.
At home their parents would flip!

What we Learned Today:
Is that here by the English Bay,
If you buy Peanut Butter
they’ll think you’re a nutter!
We don’t know how they live this way!

We’ve also learned that we fail
at getting your post in the mail.
The postcards we got,
but the stamps we did not
until 3 stops along on our trail!

Oh! A fact that from our minds did steal:
We spotted a fun, friendly seal!
Uninformed of his kind,
But Kristin didn’t mind.
So awesome, it felt quite surreal!

Back by the part of the coast
with the view we like the most,
we wrote the better part of this verse.
(Which for us was a bit of a curse!)
Now we hope you enjoyed this post!

Love, Luck & Limericks,


3 responses

  1. My goodness – I thought you were starting to sound like Rick Steeves – but now it’s Edward Lear. I was inspired:

    From Stony, there were two girls,
    One with straight hair, one with curls,
    They wrote of great times,
    In text and in rhymes,
    We all enjoy as the story unfurls!


  2. Wow, oh wow! You gals just rock! So proud of how you are doing this trip. And, of course, glad that you checked out the county gaol (and thanks for that traditional spelling).


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