Was he even speaking English?

Welcome to another travel day post…hold back your groans because you know there is nothing worth reading below…and just read it anyway…because no matter what we are still awesome!

We started our day with a walk around Dublin as our ferry wasn’t until 2:30. It was either that or 8:30 and you have to be there half an hour ahead of time. This ended up being a very smart decision, but we’ll get to that when we come to it. Dublin seems like Nice enough place. It doesn’t make the top of our list, but we also don’t have anything to say against it. It’s really quite nice in some areas…but then you wander a little further and things get a little gritty & slightly sketchy. It’s not as inviting of a city, but it was still a good visit.
Below is a photo of “the tall pointy thing in front of us”…

At a little past noon, loaded with our backpacks (which we had stored at the hostel for the morning) we hopped on the stupid little tram headed towards the ferry port. Little did we know that an adventure was about it unfold…ok that makes it sound far cooler and more exciting than it really was. It was not epic in the least…instead it was a never ending maze!

We walked to the spot marked ferry port on our map. Here we found nothing. Well not nothing…there were a lot of roads, some with sidewalks, and a few very confusing signs that looked only meant for cars. Nothing with walking instructions or directions for foot passengers. Never has a ride on the BC Ferries looked easier! Faced with really no other choice we followed the driving directions. We walked through grassy areas under overpasses because there were no sidewalks. We squeezed onto the tiniest walkway. We walked and walked and walked through a very industrial, shipyard type area. The only things keeping us going were that the signs did in fact say the Irish Ferries were at Terminal 1 somewhere at the end of the road and that normal cars did keep driving by (not just trucks…though there were a lot of those too!). Eventually we got a spot where they mentioned foot passengers! Hallelujah! It was a miracle! We made it there with plenty of time to catch our boat because we had luckily left ridiculously early, but it was quite the experience. And after all of that the ticket lady had the nerve to be extremely rude and unpleasant!

Anyway, we got on the ferry. It was an Irish Ferry, which is a different company than the last ferry we took (it was Stena Line). It was not as grand on the inside but did have an exterior top deck! I was hard to stay out there too long though as we were on the express ferry that travels at twice the speed of the normal ferry. The journey was uneventful. Justine napped a little. Kristin played on her iPad. We split a sandwich.

The ferry arrived a little too late to catch the first train to Chester so we had to wait about 45 minutes for the next one. This was our wondrous 45 minutes in Wales! Hello country #5! Sorry we couldn’t spend more time with you!
Again the ride was uneventful. Justine has decided train rides seem very long and boring when you don’t sleep through them. At one point we had a pair of boys sharing our little quartet of seats. One of them had such a strong accent that if you didn’t really listen and concentrate on what he was saying you would have sworn he wasn’t speaking English.

Chester seems very nice so far and we haven’t even made it into the touristy old town yet. The hostel room is a little cramped but we’re getting used to that and can manage for a night. We went for supper at a place we passed when leaving the train station. Justine had a Chicken & Portobello Mushroom Pie that was all creamy & delicious! Kristin had, you guessed it, Bangers & Mash…and yes that is her side salad you can see in the photo. As much as she would like it to be, she realizes that sausage, potato & gravy do not make a balanced diet.

For some reason we both feel very happy to be back in the UK. Not sure why it comforts us so much…but we do know that we like how things seem cheaper here!

Random Observations:
– The want to see you passport when you enter the UK, even by ferry from Ireland…however they didn’t Want to see anything when we left the UK & entered Ireland.

What we Learned Today:
– They do make KD in the UK…apparently it’s just called Cheesy Pasta here…not that we’ve actually seen it anywhere yet…

Highlights of the Day:
1. Seeing the foot passengers signs at the ferry terminal!
2. For Kristin, supper…she was starving to death by the time we got to Chester!

Love, Luck & Leaflets (Justine is obsessed with them! Not that Kristin is complaining…she’s reading them to plan our day tomorrow right now!)


6 responses

  1. I’m glad you found the ferry. It’s always good to have extra time. I imagine that you have heard all variations of accents – hard to believe they are all the same language. I think you will have to prepare yourself for higher prices when you hit Paris!! Regarding your menu choices, we always thought that Justine was the one who didn’t go with the variety in restaurants – that has changed – her pie looks quite scrumptious. But Kristin – bangers & mash again??? Ah well, the sausages seem to vary…..


  2. Well, I would have loved the “gritty” area of Dublin and would have ensured your parents saw every corner of it, Kris! I would have said, “Oh, this looks like a nice place” and hauled them into some gang ridden, cockroach infested lunch counter . . . Wales is a lovely place, indeed. And they use every letter of the alphabet on their signs!!


    • Yes, I think it’s best that you don’t channel your inner ‘Auntie Debbie’ for moments such as she mentions. All of her other qualities will put you in good stead on your trip – but I would rather you stayed a bit away from the seamier side of things!


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