Are you one of Jace’s fathers?

Hello all! Sorry this post is a little late…you can blame it on WordPress technical difficulties and our extraordinary ability to get distracted! Here’s our post for yesterday (written like we wrote it yesterday because that’s how we usually write…)

Our day began much the same as every other day…get up, get ready, eat breakfast at the hostel (and a rather massive breakfast at that! We definitely got our money’s worth) then waited around until it was time to catch the bus. It was packed for the ride into Stratford so we had to stand. Let us tell you, it is an ab workout trying to balance with that weight on your back while the bus weaves crazily about…because that is just how buses drive here…

On our way to the train station we stopped off at the Tudor World Museum. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, that is where we went on the haunted building tour the other night! Justine commented that we probably should have done the museum first then the ghost tour and Kristin couldn’t help but agree. We were a little freaked out the whole time and probably would have enjoyed ourselves more if we weren’t constantly checking over our shoulders and sneaking peeks into rooms before we’d actually enter. We practically ran through the room where Kristin had stood in the ghost. In the end though it was exciting and interesting. The exhibits had some interesting tidbits (mmmm that just made me think of Timbits…) about life in Tudor times and the whole setup was quite neat to walk through.

Next we made our way to the rail station where we waited an hour and a half for the perfect train to get us to Bath…other trains had a million changes or involved us walking halfway across Birmingham to change trains. By 4:00 we arrived in Bath. The train ride was pretty uneventful as always. One of the trains was freezing so we got a hot beverage at one of our train changes. We walked to our hostel which was really close to the train station. This hostel us pretty nice, painted with lots of bring colors! We’re in a bit of a squishy 8 bed room with 5 roomies (for one of the first times since London some are boys).

Since we didn’t have any lunch we left the hostel with plans of finding a place for an early supper. We wandered for awhile looking for the perfect spot and got a really good first look at Bath. The city all matches with pretty much every building being made a elegant white limestone. For supper we found an little Irish Pub which we’ve been to before. This time Kristin had a chicken and mushroom crockpot pie. Justine had a cottage pie of beef, peas and mashed potatoes. Since the meals were £3.99 each we also got a pint. It was yummy & filling…but not too big…perfect!
During supper we scouted out all the brochures we had picked up and planned the tours we want to go on in the next couple days. It’s nice knowing we have our next couple of days all worked out.

We walked back to the hostel where we had a pretty uneventful night. We did however distract ourselves very easily on YouTube for almost 3 hours…we are so good at doing things like that…


That’s all for now…
Love, Luck & Limestone,


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    • Yeah, we know…often the titles are just something funny that one of us said or heard through the day…they won’t always make sense to everyone, but we will tell you the stories of them when we get home and show you all of our pictures.
      This one though was a question Kristin asked Justine during a Book Character version of the question game (which previously had a Disney Character and a Harry Potter Object version).


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