Worst Sheet Ever!!!!!

This morning began in the hostels superior bathrooms. That sounds a bit like an over-share, but we are just referring to the big room in the hostel basement with lots of showers and mirrors for getting ready. They get how girls get ready here…there’s even a blow-dryer!

Breakfast isn’t provided here, as we mentioned yesterday, but as our plans for this morning began much later we decided to go out. Justine had noticed a place that looked good our very first night here and after a little wandering about we managed to find it. The orders were:
Justine – French Toast with a compote of seasonal fruit (aka raspberries & blueberries) + a Latte
Kristin – Eggs Benny (because she is her mother’s daughter) + a Steamed Milk w/ Vanilla (no caffeine for this migraine girl!)
And here is an extra photo of Beany’s latte cause it was so pretty!

We started our sightseeing with a walking tour. Want to know the best thing about it? It was free! No cost, no tips, no nothing! Apparently they are just a group of volunteers who love the city so much that they do tours to show it off! And it deserves to be shown off. We learned some more history & a couple fun facts while hitting all of the best vantage points in town. Here are a couple of the awesome things we saw:
Queens Square – This was designed by a Bath native and one of their most influential architects James Wood. They are very elegant. You could just imagine being an aristocrat in the 1800’s and not having to do anything but live a life of leisure in these beautiful homes made to look like palaces.
The Circus – Again designed by James Wood who wanted to bring Rome to Bath. He designed the houses after the Colosseum, making the area a perfect circle! The houses have 3 levels with columns and intricate designs all the way around. Very unique & very beautiful.
The Crescent – This was actually designed by James Wood Jr, son of James Wood. It is a perfect semi-ellipse and the first of the kind in Britain. It was later copied everywhere because it looked so good!
And these are Kristin’s Toms on the lawn out front…

Now the tickets, bus & brochure for the Bath Bus Tour all say the ticket is 24hrs…however everyone tells you it is 48hrs when you’re on the tour. So we took advantage of that and went on the city loop again! We also ate a Krispy Kreme donut while riding cause we have squirreled away a few of our free treats! Last time we’d done the tour it was with the live guide so it was interesting to learn a few new facts from the recorded version of the tour loop.

Now break time. We stopped at the hostel to drop off a bag and ended up staying for awhile. We had a cup of tea and surfed the web/did word searches/did word ladders. It was nice to warm up as it had gotten a little chilly out!

There is only one part of town we hadn’t explored yet. That was by the Pulteney Bridge, completed in 1773. So being the great tourist we are, we headed in that direction. The bridge is quite beautiful when you view it from distance and fun to wander across as it is full of shops.

We then went to the Parade Gardens. They are in the middle of the area where the rich people who spent their summer at the baths (because that’s where the royals were) would walk up and down to see and be seen. It was really pretty with trees & topiary and a gazebo. There were explosions of color everywhere as the array of flowers was quite diverse. Inspired by all of the flower photos we’ve seen on Jocey’s tumblr lately we took a few of our own.
20110907-073729.jpg 20110907-073741.jpg 20110907-073804.jpg
This was our favorite thing though: Plant a Tree for the Future!

Just for funsies we had ourselves a little photo shoot! Here are a few of our favorites (they’ll also give you some idea of how lovely the park was!):
20110907-074715.jpg 20110907-074730.jpg
20110907-074742.jpg 20110907-074752.jpg

Then as another break for our feeties we hopped o the Skyline Bus Tour, which you might remember from yesterday is the countryside tour. We were excited to see it without rain on the top deck…then it started to rain and we had to go below. Still the views were better than last time…at least Kristin thinks so. Justine was doing a bit of head bobbing during this ride…she really can’t stay awake in moving vehicles! But after our 2 walking tours and double ride of both tour loops we feel as if we are experts on this town…We could give tours of Bath!

We then decided since we were just wandering about that we should do something productive. We keep forgetting to book our next stretch of hostels, but no more! We went through and are set for another couple of weeks! Yay! We won’t have to sleep on the streets! This actually took a good chunk of time. If you’ve never booked a hostel there is a lot to consider: location based on sites & rail stations, cleanliness based on reviews, free stuff like wifi & breakfast, not to mention price & room size…lots of comparing and searching. This took us right up to supper time…

Supper was already decided for us tonight so there was none of our regular meandering. Last nights walking tour came with a wristband that gave us 20% off food at the pub we started the tour by. No brainer where we’d go tonight! We each enjoyed a pint in celebration of the savings!
Pictured here is Kristin’s Fish & Chips and Justine’s Steak & Ale Pie (with peas of course!). We’re trying to get in one more go on the traditional dishes before we leave the UK!

What We Learned Today:
– Have you ever wondered about the line “Stuck a feather in his hat & called him Macaroni” in Yankee Doodle? We definitely have…and now the riddle is solved! Someone was called a Macaroni in the 1800’s if they wore the large wigs & hats and other extravagant things of that sort. So when Yankee Doodle stuck that feather in his hat he just went too far & became over-the-top extravagant…becoming Macaroni!

Love, Luck & Leisurely Loops (on our bus!),


3 responses

  1. A very economical day – free walking tour, second day use of bus, 20% off supper – very efficient tourists!! Kris – you were a Marcaroni when we were going through things at G & G’s – wigs, hats, feathers, etc.!!


  2. Nice poses.I have to get a new monitor because of all the scratches on it. I keep trying to do the scratch and sniff of all the nice looking food you have.


  3. Bath sounds like a great place. Love that ‘circus’. Also loved the pics of you two girls, you are both looking great! That tourign life must be agreeing with you!


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