That’s what I love about you Canadians: You’re adorably quirky!

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Moien! Hello!
We are coming to you live from the one and only Luxembourg. Where?! you ask…well Luxembourg is a 2586.4 square kilometer country squeezed in between France, Germany & Belgium. In case you are not experts at estimating size, 2586.4 km^2 is less than half the size of PEI! The population of the entire country is 502,202…that’s about the same as London, Ontario (not even one of the biggest Canadian cities). So basically, it’s not very big.

This morning we hopped on the tram to the train station, then a train to Luxembourg. The journey we split into 2 parts: an approximately 3 hour ride from Amsterdam to Brussels, then an approximately 3 hour ride from Brussels to Luxembourg City. In between we picked up some lunch…pasta to go!
Justine cant believe how awake she was on the train today…she actually stayed awake for the whole first trip. (Kristin can’t believe how sleepy she normally is on trains…or in regular life…) Once in Luxembourg, we hopped on a bus and ended up just up the hill from our hostel.

The hostel is really big & nice. It has a restaurant & a cafeteria. There are ping-pong tables & a big patio. We are also in a six person room…which should be a nice change from the ten person room we were just in. We are only here for one night though, as we will be night training it to Munich tomorrow. Which reminds us…the next few days may be a little erratic in terms of posting. We are doing night trains two nights in a row, then a hostel night, then another night train…wifi will not always be the easiest to find. But we will try to get the info to you whenever possible…we don’t want you to miss out on the Oktoberfest fun we have coming up!

Once we had settled into our hostel & changed into something better suited for the weather (it’s beautiful today so we decided to ditch the lulus and go for skirts) we headed into town. First we had to go up the big hill our hostel is down…whew it was hard work…but the view from the road was gorgeous!
The road for the next stretch runs along the historic walls of the old city (it’s a UNESCO World Heritsge Site!) and looks onto the most beautiful sights. This is really a place out of fairy tales…even the name sounds slightly Disney-made-up-ish, doesn’t it? Luxembourg. The buildings are all made of nice stone and there are trees everywhere. It’s hard to describe the storybook quality, so how about we just show you some photos?
20110926-090324.jpg 20110926-090314.jpg 20110926-090330.jpg

We had supper in the middle of old town at a yummy Mexican restaurant. We miss Mexican food & Justine pointed out the most delicious looking quesadilla that we just had to try…so we did! We also had some delicious margaritas! Kristin was intending on getting a Luxembourgian beer, but then happy hour meant large margaritas for the price of small ones, so she decided the beer can wait till tomorrow.

We then slowly meandered home…home being our hostel…enjoying the storybook quality of the yellow light form the street lamps. How about another photo:
20110926-090045.jpg 20110926-090050.jpg

What we Learned Today: (from Justine’s habit of reading a countries Wikipedia page before we go there…it’s a handy-dandy app she found!)
– People from Luxembourg are called Luxembourgers…what kind of toppings do you think come on a Luxem-burger?

Love, Luck & Luxembourg…that was an easy one!


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  1. Very charming. You would expect to find a fairy-tale prince there – but since there is no mention of one in your blog post, I guess no such luck! Ah well, in such a small country, they probably have strict immigration laws and you wouldn’t get to stay anyway……
    A Luxem-burger probably comes with multi-national toppings: perhaps, a bit of Deutsch Wurst, Belgique frites et les fromages de France.


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