Think of how many less stairs I’d climb! Think of how many more stations you’d be banned from!

We are in Italy. The people here are called Italians. They speak Italian. They eat Italian food. They drive Italian cars. Italy.

For many centuries Rome was the political center of not only the Roman Empire but of Western civilization. After the fall of Rome, independent cities and kingdoms existed in a divided Italy. In the 15th century, Italy was the most urbanized area in Europe and it was here the Renaissance was born. This “rebirth” of classical ideas created an area rich in art and culture. As a result, there are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy than any other country: 44.

We had entered Italy by 1 pm today. Our day was once again spent mainly on the train, so we thought a little Italian history/culture would give this post some length & some depth. Hope you learned something!

We finally finished train traveling at 7 pm at a small town station outside of Florence. This would have been a super random place to be getting off except as we pulled into the station there were two very excited people pointing at us through the window & possibly even jumping up & down. These two are the reason we detoured to Italy in the middle of our trip, rather than doing the whole country when we come here in November. Meet Bev & Harvey. We have decided that is what we will refer to them as even through in regular life they would be Auntie Bev & Uncle Harvey to Justine and Mom & Dad to Kristin. We will be spending the next week and a half with these lovable characters touring the cities & countryside of Northern Italy…and mooching off their hotel rooms 😉

By the time we left the station it was late & we just wanted to eat some supper! We went to a random restaurant in a small town by our vrbo (vacation rental by owner). Kristin, Bev & Harv all had a shank of pork with potatoes. It was perfect as Kristin had told Justine earlier in the day that she just wanted a giant hunk of meat…perhaps a giant drumstick.
Justine broke the mould and got some yummy pasta: Tagliatelle with sausage & mushrooms.

Then it was much organizing & settling in as we are actually staying somewhere where we can spread out a bit!
Love, Luck & Long Journeys,


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