Turn Left!!!………..or straight………

Today started at our usual hangout: the AutoGrill. We are so satisfied with our breakfast each morning that we just keep going back! Today we snapped a photo for you to peruse:

In general, today was a rather calm, lazy day. We ventured along the autostrada to the outlet mall. These were not just any outlets though, these were high-end Italian outlets. We’re talking Prada, Gucci, D&G and Armani. We’re also talking big bucks, and we are not afraid to admit our pockets are not that deep. €350 for a scarf? No thank you. It was an experience though. We checked out the fancy shoes & designer bags and made fun of the wealthy shoppers’ outrageous outfits.

We then hit up a location more in our price range: the laundromat. Bev & Harvey needed to wash some of their clothes as they have reached the halfway point of their 3 week trip, and Justine & Kristin never miss an opportunity to wash their underwear. The laundromat was quite nice and we were easily able to entertain ourselves while the machines did their work.
20111012-213416.jpg 20111012-213421.jpg

We went to lunch at a place we have driven by several times. It looked slightly divey from the outside but had a really comfortable feel once you got inside. Kristin & Justine each had a pizza, ham-cheese-cream and ham-mushroom respectively, and Bev & Harvey each had a foccacio. We didn’t know what to expect with these, but they ended up being giant flatbread type sandwiches.
20111012-213432.jpg 20111012-213437.jpg 20111012-213442.jpg

Our afternoon was spent in a fashion that many tourists would be familiar with, however is a little odd for us: relaxing. We returned to our VRBO and sat on the patio. Each of us had a glass of wine, beer or limocello in front of us. There was some bread to dip in the olive oil (made from the olive trees right in front of us) & balsamic vinegar that sat at the center of the table. It was really a lovely time 🙂

We went back out and about for dinner. Tonight we acted like true Italians and didn’t even leave the house until after 7:30 pm. When we exit our villa’s driveway we always turn left. Tonight we got adventurous and turned right! It took us down a long & winding road…no seriously, it was crazy with the twists and turns! We counted on the way back and in the 9 km between the VRBO and the town we ate in there were 107 turns…107! Harvey is our hero with his pro driving skills!
At the end of the crazy-road-course-on-crack we found the adorable town of Gaiole in Chianti. All of the little places around here have so much character; you could spend weeks exploring! We visited a restaurant perched on a hill and gobbled down some pasta. Harvey, Kristin & Justine all had the same thing: homemade pasta (that was shaped like “S”s) with tomato sauce and meatballs. Bev tried something different with spaghetti & wild boar sauce. It was all so tasty!
20111012-213953.jpg 20111012-213958.jpg

Tomorrow we head out to a new home and new Italian sights & flavors!
Love, Luck & Limocello,
K&J + B&H


4 responses

  1. Well, I prefer divey places myself, they are often the best. Yes, I will have to get used to eating late if I ever (when I) get to Italy again!


  2. That drive would have been fun. Yes it would be nice to have a relaxing afternoonon on the balcony overlooking the olive trees. Your supper also looks good again.


  3. Wine! Rustic pizza! Olives! Bread! Gnocchi! Oh my! It all looks delightful! Question for Dad though… Where are the pictures of the car?! The car has to make a blog appearance! I can’t say that I’d usually like to be riding on those curvy roads, but I think that it would be worth it in Italy 🙂


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