As long as we don’t end up back in Switzerland!

This morning we packed up & moved out. Our VRBO experience was awesome, so if you’re looking for a place to stay in Tuscany try giving Tanya & Sylvano a call:
After an AutoGrill breakfast (you all should have expected that!) we were on the road to Lake Como. We were all set with the iTrip & roadtrip snacks.
Our second AutoGrill stop of the day came a couple hours later in the form of a bathroom break. AutoGrill stop #3 was for gas at about 2 pm. We had planned on an AutoGrill stop number four for lunch, but before we could find a nice big one to eat at we were in Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland. We thought it was the way we had to drive to get to our hotel, but the €40 toll they were asking for us to drive on their roads was a little steep, so we turned around and came back. Our Swiss journey was short and apparently unneeded, as we ended up on the correct road to get to the hotel in the end.

Switzerland behind us, we traveled alongside the lake through a variety of quaint little towns. We were unsure of where exactly our hotel was, but once we reached the right town there were great signs pointing our way. The signs lead us up a winding hill (that seems to be becoming a theme for us in Italy) to Hotel Rusall. The hotel is quite nice and our room is a good size for the four of us…it’s the family room, aka the biggest they have. We could have a dance party in the bathroom it’s so big! And the view is incredible. Lake Como is really gorgeous with tiny, hill-climbing towns next to large, bright-stoned villas.

Once settled in, we went back down the twisty-turny hill into town. Here we found a sidewalk cafe to finally have our lunch…we were all starving by this point. The 3-1/2 Mile Cafe whipped us up some paninis & bellinis. Both were so yummy, and made only more delicious because we are in their country of origin…and by the fact that they rhyme 😉
20111013-214323.jpg 20111013-214337.jpg

It was early evening when we finished strolling the river walk in town:
We milled around the hotel room until supper. It was hot, but not too hot, and the background of the lake provided a nice place to rest or get things done. We had supper at the restaurant hotel. Our late lunch allowed us to have a normal Italian (aka late for home) supper. We decided on splitting pasta dishes & meat dishes. Bev & Harvey split the local fish (we ordered salmon first but they were out) that came with zucchini & potatoes and spaghetti with tomato & basil. Kristin & Justine split the local fish and gnocchi with tomato sauce. And we paired it all with a nice Italian red wine. It was all so good. The pasta dishes were huge and bursting with the freshest tomato taste! Yum!
20111013-213435.jpg 20111013-213448.jpg 20111013-213442.jpg

Tomorrow we explore the area!
Love, Luck & Lake Como,
K&J + B&H