He’s inside taking more pictures! How did we not guess!

The sad day has come when we (“we” being your original Wonder & Wanderlust girls) had to say goodbye to our homey travel companions. After packing up our belongings (including an extra duffle bag of souvenirs/presents that is going home with B&H) and having a hotel breakfast, we loaded into the car and drove to the train station. Today Bev and Harvey will be driving off south to finish up their last three days in Italy. On the other hand, we (Kristin & Justine) are going north to Austria.

Don’t be fooled by the fact we were at a train station, we were actually hopping onto a bus. The fancy double-decker coach bus was to transport us to Villach, Austria. There we would transfer to a train to Salzburg. There was a little boohooing in front of the bus while we said our goodbyes…people watching must have been confused why all of these maple leaf clad, English speaking folks were having a tearful goodbye in Italy. And just like that we were back on our own! We entertained ourselves on our journey by going through photos from the last couple of days, writing emails & blog posts and listening to a Darren Criss playlist (including songs he’s sung on Glee and the EP he released on iTunes before he was famous).
20111019-225339.jpg 20111019-225332.jpg

In Salzburg, we walked ot our hostel (only a 5 or 10 minute walk). It’s nice and big. We’re in a six person room with awesome lockers that lock with your individual key…so useful! There’s wifi, lots of plug-ins and breakfast, so in other words it’s a good place for us to transition back into the hostel lifestyle. We had an oh-so-exciting supper of Subway sandwiches. It was raining and kind of cold and already dark by the time we went to eat. We were not up for exploring under those conditions.

Tomorrow we will check out Salzburg; rain or shine (or snow) we will be out there exploring! Here’s a preview…
The hills are alive, with the sound of music!

Random Observation:
– In Europe they don’t call their subs 6″ or foot long…they are 15 cm or 30 cm. Now we like the metric system as much as the next person (in Kristin’s case probably way more than the next person) but it still seems weird.

Love, Luck & Long Goodbyes,

And since there’s not much to the post today, here’s a bonus shot…


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  1. That picture of Venice makes me want to go and see all the canals. Hope it don’t snow on you. The little chocolate balls which has a picture of Mozart on them are good. I had Subway for lunch.


  2. I know you are sad to part, but I must admit I kind of liked your blog better when you were the two wandering ladies . . . . back to the routine! Salzburg is one great city, btw. That’s where we were fed the pasta in our little red van from the Italians who were holidaying from Rome.


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