We’re figure skaters, we know all about flexibility!

So we teased about how much work we did today in our regular post, but you really have no idea how much planning was done! We headed back to the hostel in the afternoon, sat down at the restaurant/bar and didn’t get up for about 6 hours…

It all began during our coffee/snack/rain break at McDonalds. Kristin was blog writing (as we often do during breaks in our day) and Justine was cruising the Internet. She came across an article about the economic situation in Greece. We knew it was bad, but did you know the country will be out of money by the end of next month if they don’t get EU funding? Kinda sketch! And currently there are no international trains running in or out of the country and some rail networks within Greece are suspended. That might make it difficult for us to get there next week… The article went on to talk about the riots & strikes in Athens (including strikes of public transit workers).

The main piece of advice Justine’s dad had for us before we left was “make good choices” so that’s what we’re doing…we are no longer going to Greece. We were really excited to see it, but we’re not feeling up to the problems & don’t think it’s worth the risk. Plus we’re young…we’ll have a chance to get there again!

Now this opened up over a week within our trip and made our long journey south unneeded. Sweet, we can hit somewhere else…but we have to pick somewhere…and fast ’cause we were planning on starting the trek south this week! Hours of work, beefy burgers, a couple happy hour drinks & countless documents spread over our table later, we’ve figured it out! The timeline for all of the places we are visiting has switched, we’ve traded a couple Eastern Europe locations out for new (& rather original) ones and have added a new leg to the journey…Spain here we come!

We are quite excited about this new & improved trip! And are happy with our ability to be flexible!

The trip might have changed, but we will keep blogging…so please keep reading!
Love, Luck & Location Changes,

Calm down Kristin! It’ll all work out!
Or just have another one of those drinks… 😉


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