We meow a lot less than we used to.

Today was another travel day…you know: another day, another country… We caught the train in Ljubljana just after 9am and 13 hours later arrived in Naples. Interested in our journey?
(As a side note, did anyone else have Don’t Stop Belivein’ start playing in their heads at the mention of Journey?)
9:12 Leave Ljubljana
1hr 47min train ride
10:59 Arrive in Villach
2hr lay-over in Villach where we bought train snacks and shared a pizza for lunch
12:56 Supposed to Leave Villach…but a delay in one of the trains caused a delay with us
30min sitting on bus
13:20 Actually Leave Villach
3hr 9min bus ride
16:23 Arrive in Venezia (which is Venice if you didn’t join us until after we went there)
30min sitting on the platform listening to trains coming in & out and the rain on the platforms covers
16:55 Leave Venezia
3hr 40min train ride on which we ate a supper comprised of our favorite train snacks (fruit, plain buns, Fanta & Haribo candies)
20:35 Arrive in Roma
25min walking through the Rome station…we will be back here soon 🙂
21:00 Leave Roma
1hr 10min train ride
22:10 Arrive in Napoli (aka Naples…why do we Englify foreign names? Is there an Italian version of Edmonton?)

At this point we walked to the hostel (which took less than 10 minutes) and pretty much just went to bed. Why is it that travel days, during which you do very little other than sit, are so tiring?

Highlight of the Day:
When Justine told Kris that the Warblers sing Uptown Girl on this weeks episode of Glee and Kristin almost died…like literally. She’s feeling very clogged in the lungs (fingers crossed she doesn’t wake up with full blown pneumonia someday this week) and the gasp this piece of information enduced was too much for her to handle. There were several minutes of coughing, sputtering & gasping for breath. Needless to say, this was Justine’s highlight, not Kristin’s.

Love, Luck & Lack of Oxygen,


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