If you want to hold my hand you should just ask!

We awoke this morning in our adorble B&B. Breakfast was relatively simple, but included toast (which we have become obsessed with) so we were happy. After 5 hours of training and a quick stop over in Milan we arrived in Bern, Switzerland. Hello country number 18! You may recall we have briefly been to Switzerland on this trip already back when we were still with Momma & Papa Padget…we decided not to count that quick foray over the border since we were coming back for real.

After so many hours on the train (and riding right through lunch time), we were ready for a snack. We hit up a street vendor for a hot dog…it was one of the fancy ones with the hole punched into the bun and the dog & condiments just inserted in. We also found a bakery and purchased a delicious jam cookie. We love jam cookies…Kristin makes really good ones…We think all cookies should be filled with jam…Especially homemade jam…Yum!

Once we had snacked and checked into our hostel it was late afternoon. Rather than try to fit in a trip to any of the attractions we just walked around the old part/tourist part of town. Bern is adorable…its one of those places that looks like a movie set in its cute, perfectness. We’ll tell you more about the city tomorrow when we do the real Bern tour. For now just enjoy this photo of a beautiful view from an old town lookout and this photo of a beautiful view of us!
20111115-213645.jpg 20111115-213653.jpg

When people tell you Switzerland is expensive they are not lying. It’s not like we thought they were, it’s not like we even thought they were exaggerating, it’s just that you need to be here for yourself for it to really hit you…things are expensive here! We glanced at menu after menu and discussed the crazy pricing at length. And then we saw our solution to the expensive supper dilemma: a hot food section at a grocery store. We created a great feast of a chicken leg each, along with spatzle and a little bit of beef stroganoff to gravy it up a bit. And because we are classy ladies, we had milk in wine glasses for a drink.
20111115-213308.jpg 20111115-213329.jpg

Now we know you are all waiting to hear about what wild & crazy night activity we got up to tonight…because those are definitely words to describe us and this trip: wild & crazy. Well they might describe Kristin, but in a different contexAldo what did we get up to? Why a lovely game of Scrabble of course! We saw a sign at the hostel that they had board games to use so we swung by reception and were soon engaged in a intense battle of wits. Justine pulled out a narrow victory…her first ever Scrabble victory! Yay Justine!

For a post-dinner/post-scrabble treat we rocked a mini cheese Fondue! Fondue! Fondue! When we visited the grocery store we spotted these:
That is a small pack of microwavable cheese that is for a quick & easy (& cheap!) Fondue! Fondue! Fondue! We had picked up a tasty looking loaf earlier too so we ripped it up and chowed down!

Love, Luck & Letters,


6 responses

  1. Good for you for coming up with an economical dinner! It looks quite tasty. Comment on your scrabble display – “sloths forever” is not an acceptable plan for the future – right, Mom K?


  2. Fondue! Fondue! Fondue!
    And I do not feel that cookies should always have jam in it. Can you imagine eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie with jam in it? Yuck!!!


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