Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door is changed?

Today was not the most exciting of days, but we will give you the run down anyway. We departed from Geneva and from Switzerland to a warmer location (be jealous all of you who are experiencing snow storms!). We stocked up on eats at the train station before we boarded our first train. It was a good idea because then we wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to find something on one of our transfers and also because it used up our Swiss change. We are now back to the Euro and while we can exchange left over bills, no change bureau will take coins. So armed with lunch & snacks, we embarked on a 7 hour journey to Nice, on the French Riviera. The trip was uneventful, unless you count how annoying the girls in our compartment on the last train were. They talked so loud, and then turned the music on on one of their phones and blared it. Grrrrr…..

Our hostel in Nice is nice. It’s a smaller place so the common space isn’t massive, but it has a nice friendly & fun feel to it. So its small in that nice & initmate way. We were informed that the city is busy tonight because tomorrow is the Nice marathon. Looks like we’ll be seeing some runners around. After getting settled in we went to the laundromat around the corner and did a quick load of laundry. There was an adorable little kid who kept us entertained while we waited for our clothes to dry.

Finally we went for supper. We walked to the town center area and checked out the restaurants on the strip. It became quite apparent how close we are to Italy as there was a lot of pizza & pasta. We had forgotten about this due to our detour to Switzerland, but embraced it. We each had a plate of gnocchi, Justine’s with mushroom & cream sauce and Kristin’s with cheese sauce. It was delicious, as gnocchi always is!

That’s all for today…we promise tomorrow will be more exciting!
Love, Luck & Lyon,


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  1. Also had potato gnocchi tonight, thinking of you all the time. Have decided to have it more often. Just thinking . . . . . was the little kid in the laundromat from a ‘gypsy’ caravan? That happened to us in France. Little kids were basically swimming in the kitchen sink when they should have been in school 🙂


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