Guess What!?! They found an almost intact plesiosaurs in the tar sands!

Today you get the pleasure of following our heroines on a journey to a new country. Yes today is the day we headed to Spain! This is the last new country of our trip (#21 for our Europe trip, #24 that we’ve visited in the course of our lives so far) and the one we know the least about. You may remember our day of rearranging that turned our trip from one that went through Greece to one that travelled through Spain, so our extensive pre-planning didn’t even cover the next week. The internet is an amazing invention though and we are feeling ready to see Spain’s top sights…at least the ones in the Barcelona & Madrid areas.

Our journey was a little more complicated than it had to be (with more transfers & layovers than necessary) but it allowed us to get all the way to Barcelona without needing any reservations. Oddly it was also one of the fastest trips options as well. 6 hours and 45 minutes and four trains later we arrived in the exciting new city. Then we sat around the station for almost 2 hours waiting in line to make our reservations for our future journeys. It was annoying to do, but now it’s done and we are all set for the rest of the trip! Our hostel is not within walking distance from the train station for once, so we had to hop on the metro and then do a quick 2 minute jaunt to our residence. The hostel is nice…seems like it might be a fun place.

We don’t have much planned for the next couple of days so it’ll be a bit of whinging it…we will report back of all of our adventures!

What We Miss:
Justine – Being able to do my hair like I want to…having a good blowdryer and a hair straightened…
Kristin – BACON!!!!!

Love, Luck & Lipgloss,


5 responses

  1. So I guess I had better make sure the fridge is stocked with bacon for your return. Very excited to hear about Spain – the sites and what you will eat!!


  2. Did Doug develop a severe case of the plague and expired or something over there? Or was the trip just too dull for his brilliant mind, perhaps? Perhaps he will find Spain rather intriguing?


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