I really want to walk into that big room up there and find a rocket ship in the middle of it.

Today we left beautiful Barcelona to explore our next Spanish location: Madrid. We hoped on the train in the am and arrived in our last new city. For the last time we made the ‘we-are-tourists-and-have-no-idea-where-we-are-going’ walk to our hostel. This walk is always a good time seeing as you don’t yet have a map and hostel directions seem to be some sort of international joke…”You got lost on your way here, haha!” This one was easy though…Justine could see the sign from the metro exit. The hostel is nice. Our room is big, only has 5 beds and doesn’t have bunks. Yay for a couple of days where Kristin doesn’t need to climb up & Justine doesn’t need to duck down to get into bed! The hostel also has a good social atmosphere and plans fun activities…or so we’re told… We met up with our friend Katie in Barcelona and she just came from this exact hostel. She had nothing but great reviews for it.

After a bit of a lay-down and the complete reorganization of all of our bags, we went for a walk. From what we’ve seen so far the city looks great. It’s nice and clean and full of Christmas decorations that are actually lit up.
20111129-194954.jpg 20111129-195002.jpg 20111129-195009.jpg

At one point during our wanders we picked a supper place. The restaurant was a bit of a break from the Spanishness we’ve been consuming lately…Kristin was craving something home-y. She fulfilled this urge with a burger complete with all of the fixins, including an egg. Justine had a Texas pizza that had lots of yummy things piled on it, but no corn…corn would have been a good addition. We still stick to our positive opinion about corn on pizza, even if we got a lot of “that would be gross” comments last time we ate it. To drink we ordered hot chocolate. We love hot beverages. This was a great decision as it turned out to basically be a mug of melted chocolate. So creamy & chocolatey & delicious.
20111129-194934.jpg 20111129-194940.jpg 20111129-194946.jpg

What We Miss:
Singing in our cars…we love to just belt it out when we’re driving alone. Does that count as distracted driving?

Love, Luck & Liquid Chocolate,


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