It’s toast…it’s toasted…

7:30am – Wake up…well Kristin was already up and Justine didn’t actually get up until 7:40, but that’s an approximate average time.
8:45am – Leave hostel and catch the metro to the train station.
9:30am – Train leaves Madrid station. As a side note, train stations in Spain are way more hard core than anywhere else in Europe. They actually check your ticket and make you go through security. Your bags are scanned and everything. Basically, you can feel safe that your train won’t blow up in Spain.
9:41am – In transit movie begins. It is Midnight in Paris, which Justine actually wants to watch. However there is no English language channel to hear it and the subtitles are in Spanish…Justine watches movie and is very confused by it’s time-travel plot and seemingly unfinished ending.
12:48pm – Arrive at Barcelona rail station. We disembark and run to catch our next train. Even with security we still arrive 10 minutes early…
1:00pm – Train leaves Barcelona and we set to work on the various lists and schedules we want to make.
1:06pm – Pull out bread and apples to eat for lunch.
2:07pm – We are too productive and finish all of the things we had to do half an hour early.
2:16pm – Kristin starts writing blog post to have something to do.
2:18pm – Justine comes up with blog post title.
2:40pm – Arrive in Figueres…that’s somewhere in France…
2:41pm – Walk across the platform and board our next train.
3:02pm – Depart from Figueres for a 5+ hour train ride to Paris.
3:15pm – Telus texts us to say we are in France…thanks Telus, we kinda got that when we stopped at a French train station 30 minutes ago…
5:21pm – Broke out the crackers & cheese for supper.
5:22pm – Broke out the Fanta!
6:57pm – Kristin finishes The Other Boleyn Girl.
7:54pm – Justine finishes reading Percy.
8:42pm – Arrive in Paris…finally! And 5 minutes early too!
8:46pm – Join the line to get train reservations for tomorrow.
8:58pm – Find out we can’t get our train reservations for tomorrow.
9:09pm – Board the metro to head towards our hostel. Kristin still had her handy metro map from the last time we were in Paris so it was easy to plan out the easiest route to our stop.
9:17pm – Change metro lines because, even though we planned out the easiest route, the lines from the station we arrived at do not run in the direction of our hostel.
9:36pm – Finally get to the hostel! We are staying at the same place that we were at on our previous Paris visit, which means we found it really easily. If you want a description of it go back three months and read it there…sorry, it’s late and traveling makes us sleepy!
9:47pm – Get upstairs to our room.
10:03pm – Post this blog post 🙂

What We Miss:
Having our own room! The privacy of not having anyone else around, not even each other. Also not having to listen to anyone else sleep and getting to have the room the temperature we like while we sleep (aka cold & crisp for Kristin and stiflingly hot for Justine).

Love, Luck & Lists,