Only way you could make it more annoying? I think more awesome!

Today we visited the happiest, most festive place on Earth (except maybe Santa’s workshop at the North Pole…we imagine that place is pretty frickin’ festive). We spent our day at Disneyland at Chrismas time! If there was anything that could make the most magical place even more magical, it would be holiday decorations & Christmas carols!
20111207-212503.jpg 20111207-212510.jpg

Warning: We are now going to talk about Disneyland Paris as if you already know all about it. If you do not, we suggest you refer to “Silly Mickey, you don’t know French!” as we go into great detail there.

We were at the park in time for opening, leaving us with a full day of Disney ahead of us. We started the the Walt Disney Studios park. This one has less good rides, no shows we wanted to see and has been far less Christmas-a-fied. The plan was to get though what we wanted to see here and move onto the main Disneyland park. This worked nicely 🙂 We rode the Rock & Roller Coaster (although they didn’t have to rock & roll music playing while we were on it…kinda diminishes the effect), the Tower of Terror…twice, as we will never get sick of that ride…and Crush’s Coaster (the Finding Nemo themed roller coaster). Crush’s Coaster was the only ride we wanted to go on that we had missed on our last Disney visit so we were happy to get a chance this time. It has you sitting in a turtle shell that rotates as you go through the coaster. It leaves you never knowing what way you’ll turn next or if you will be forwards, backwards or sideways for the next drop. Very fun!
20111207-212819.jpg 20111207-212826.jpg
Oh! PS. Here’s us in cheese…
20111207-212833.jpg 20111207-212839.jpg

We actually had to wait in a few lines this time. The lines were still nothing like you’d find in North America, but it is definitely busier here in December than September. The weirdest thing about the day though was that we were bundled right up. You don’t think about how much time you spend outside at a Disney park until you are faced with going to one in low single digit temperatures. We wore lots of layers, odd in comparison to the single sweater you sometimes need in California or Orlando. We also had mittens, scarves and, in Kristin’s case, a toque.

Once in the main park, the first ride we hit was Buzz Lightyear. You may remember this was a favourite of ours last time….today did not disappoint! We actually rode this ride three times today, which, when added to the two times last visit, ties it for the most ridden ride. We managed to improve on our previous scores and even broke the six digit mark on our last go! Don’t we look intense? (and bundled up?)

We also hit up Disney classics such as Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor here in Paris). Pirates had a pleasantly long line…pleasant because it was inside and a good place to warm up. But then, in a disastrous turn of events, we got placed at the front of our pirates boat! Any experienced Disney-goer knows that people in the front frequently get wet! We avoid that though by doing this:
Finally there was It’s a Small World, which we have to admit we rode three times today. Momma P should be very proud because this is the ride that ties Buzz for most rides! The fun thing was that it had been Christmas-a-fied, or should we say holiday-a-fied. You could see a representation of festivities throughout the world, all easily contained in their proper country. In Canada we apparently become elves at holiday time 🙂 Guess it makes sense with us being so far north. As a side note, look at how smug that moose is…
20111208-113228.jpg 20111207-214003.jpg

Since we’ve done all of the good rides before when we were here in September we chose to enjoy some of the other festivities Disney has to offer…for example, the parade! It was everything a Disney parade should be, with lots of dancers, bright colors, happy music and Disney characters. Also as a holiday treat Santa showed up for the end.
20111208-091125.jpg 20111208-091132.jpg
And to make everything more magical the parade’s conclusion featured snow all down Main Street! (ok maybe it was just soap bubbles, but the effect was just as good)

We were now freezing and slightly wet from the rain so we ventured inside for a snack and hot beverage. After munching on a muffin and tea, we ventured back outside to discover all of the Christmas lights had come on. We snapped some photos and were drawn towards the areas filled with light…or maybe just It’s a Small World again (this is when we did ride number 3 of both it and Buzz).

We made it back to the castle in time to see it lite up by Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, aka Justine’s favorite princess. She came onto stage with her royal court, Prince Philip and the Sleeping Beauty fairies and did a little show en francais…we got the idea though: the fairies were fighting over what color to light the castle up in….bad fairies, fighting and setting a bad example for all of the children!
20111208-085853.jpg 20111208-085859.jpg

The park closed with their Fantillusions parade. This parade turned out to be a more modern version of the Main Street Electical Parade. The floats were quite complex, including platforms that would raise the princesses up into the air and one that swallowed up Malifacent & then turned into a dragon. We enjoyed how all of the people were dancing around decorated in list (and carrying giant power pack backpacks).
20111208-090357.jpg 20111208-090406.jpg

After closing we went for super at the same American diner as last time (located in the Disney Village area outside the parks). Justine had the same burger, with mushrooms, and Kristin mixed it up by getting one with bacon…yummy!
20111207-212146.jpg 20111207-212155.jpg

But wait! We forgot to tell you about the most exciting part of the day! We think these pictures speak for themselves…
20111208-091304.jpg 20111208-091324.jpg

What We Miss:
Being warm at Disney…or in general…

Love, Luck, Little Mermaid and Lion King,

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