Tomorrow I’ll wake up and have to drive!

Hello everyone! We thought we’d do a nice mini-post of our morning…

We got up, got ready and finished packing up our belongings. Packing had actually gone quite smoothly last night. We bought a big, cheap duffle bag so that everything could easily fit…plus paying for an extra bag is cheaper than overweight charges.

After breakfast we went for a walk. We wanted one last chance to see London. Plus it was a nice full circle to have our last European view be that same as our first:

Next will be the crazy tube ride to the airport…with our backpacks, carry on bag each and duffle… The bad part will be changing trains in the busy Piccadilly Circus station… Then it’ll be onto the airplane & off to Canada! Yay Canada!

We will miss it here…but more on that later..

Love, Luck & Leaving Right Now,

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  1. K & J – I’m a friend of Mom P and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It’s a beauty – very impressive!

    In case you haven’t considered it, I recommend that you make a hard copy of your blog and get it printed as a book. Would not edit the text, as tempting as that may be. (As a cost cutting measure, you could pare a few photos.) When you’re my age, it will be important to read your thoughts as you had them at your age. And it will be priceless!

    Well done, ‘kids’ – Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures!

    Cheers, Pat


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