About Us!

The Wonder & Wanderlust girls are composed of Kris & Justine. The two of us are cousins and best friends. We were born only 4 months apart and were lucky enough to be born into a super tight family. As long as either of us can remember we have been together! We went to the same schools, took part in the same sport & had plenty of quality Padget Family bonding time.

We had talked about taking a Europe trip for years, so when we had both finished school we jumped at the chance to make a dream become reality. We decided that we would embark on a 4 month backpacking journey around Europe, hitting as many places as we could and experiencing as much of the culture as possible. When it came time to go we each quit our jobs, moved our junk home & set off on an adventure. This blog provided us a way to record that journey. Every day we wrote about what we did, what we learned and posted some of our best photos. It was a way to communicate the trip home (and prove to our parents each day that we were still alive) and has become a way to easily access our best stories. Memories of that trip will be a constant reminder of everything life can be…live big…live now…live for you! Now we are past our first adventure and on to other explorations. Here you’ll get to hear when life’s travels take each of us!
Together we are unstoppable. Four months is also a really long time to spend with just one other person…straight…the whole time… We recognize that. We knew we’d each have our moments, but if we were to be able to travel with anyone, it would be each other! Remember, we’ve been inseparable for over 23 years now! There’s not a lot about each other that surprises us anymore. We made it through Europe closer than ever.
2014-05-31 10.44.49

That’s the deal on us as a pair…now for us as individuals:

Kris Padget
2014-05-31 11.49.23
Kris is a full-grown adult now…but doesn’t always act like it. She has a university degree in Mechanical Engineering and works as a Project Manager for both engineering & construction jobs. She really is an engineer…totally nerdy, socially anxious and logical to a fault. She even runs a geek lifestyle blog! However, somehow she’s also the outgoing & talkative one of the pair. She’s the one who will strike up a  random conversation with the guy next to her on the train…although be careful; she might be making up a fantastical life story instead of telling her own.She can’t spell to save her life…if you see spelling mistakes in our posts they are most definitely her fault. Although she loves math & gears, she has another side too. Kris has a lot of spunk & creativity. For years she worked as a figure skating choreographer. She likes to dance around like a idiot, even in public, and make friend with randoms on the street…as long as they don’t look sketchy. She enjoys whenever she is center of attention. Her favorite superhero is Hawkeye. Her favorite Ninja Turtle is Michelangelo. Her favorite food is meatloaf. And her favorite thing in the whole world may be five-cent candies…especially if they come from the Stony arena.

Justine Alyssa
2014-05-31 11.55.38
Justine is still a student. She finished her Bachelor of Science Degree, took a short break, then headed back to school to get her Master specializing in Conservation Biology. Her original minor was History and that historical part definitely comes out of her in our posts! She writes all of the super informative bits. European history is her favorite. Now she’s focused on birds. Most specifically how we can stop them from hitting the windows of our homes…check out her project here. Like Kris she also has a passion for figure skating. She put herself through university  & funded her Europe trip working as a coach. Now she runs a successful figure skating news blog. Her favorite movie of all time is Titanic and she knows more about this movie and the actually ship than anyone should. She also owns more Disney movies than anyone she knows. They bring out the Disney Princess inside her. Lately she’s taken up sewing, most specifically cosplay costumes. Because cosplay is fun. Especially when you get to wear a Victorian dress!


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