Living in a Theme Park Day 9: A Quest for Churros

This morning we got up and there was a more somber mood to the group. Finally, after 8 days of living in a theme park we had reached our last day. We had one more day to spend at Magic Kingdom and then it was back home. Living in a theme park is hard and we were tiring out, but we tried not to let any of that get us down as we prepared for our day. There was still one more day of fun to be had! One more day to be spent at Disney! Continue reading


Living in a Theme Park Day 6: Drinking Around the World…Epcot Style

This morning we eagerly got up and put on our outfits for the day. Today we’re Disney Bounding as characters from Alice in Wonderland. KG is Alice, Kris the Mad Hatter and Justine the Queen of Hearts. As a whole, we looked pretty freakin’ adorable. Like seriously adorable.

After what’s become a pretty predictable breakfast routine we were on the bus and headed to Magic Kingdom. This wasn’t our main destination for the day, but as Wonderland characters we wanted to snap a few photos aboard the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Upon arriving at the park we made a beeline straight there. On the way we ran into the White Rabbit. The one character we were missing! It was perfect! Continue reading

Living in a Theme Park Day 3: All Aboard the Hogwarts Express to Universal Islands of Adventure

This morning we got up a little later than we normally would on vacation; living in theme parks is hard work. But this is only Day 3 so we were still trying to keep our energy up! We dressed in our Hogwarts best, Kris and Justine as Slytherin and Hufflepuff students, and Kristin as a visiting student from Beauxbatons (because she’s apparently not in a Hogwarts house). The theme of our outfits needed to change because today we weren’t off to Disney World. Today we would finally get to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We could not contain our excitement. Continue reading