Stuck in TO

Well, the day started off swell…the flight from Edmonton went off without a hitch, although they neglected to give us peanuts or pretzels 😦 We did however get apple juice and to watch Rango (it was weird).
Now our 2.5 hour layover in Toronto has turned into 4 hours. It seems our plane has a flat tire…or something like that…and I imagine it’s harder to change than the one on your car. Justine thinks it would probably take her longer to change her car tire though. So you join us as we sit on the floor of Toronto Terminal 171 in a rather bored state.
9 hours till London…
Love, Luck & Layovers,

And so it begins…

Howdy folks! Today is the day! Everything is planned…everything is packed (at least I hope I haven’t forgot anything)…and it’s only T-minus 4 hours until take-off. Justine & I have been working and saving for over a year to make this event possible. 4 months…17.5 weeks…122 days in Europe!

I am so excited, although I have to admit it’s all still a bit surreal. Your read about these places, or see them on TV or movies, and dream about going there and seeing them in person. And suddenly I’m doing it. It’s hard to think that in less than 24hours time I will be walking the streets of London. LONDON! I can’t even explain how psyched I am. Over the last few months I’ve talked to a lot of friends and families about my trip and have been treated to so many stories about everyones own experiences. I can’t wait to be able to contribute more to the conversation than “I’ve read about that” or “I’m so excited!”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. We’re about to hop on a plane to travel across the ocean (and into the future as I like to tell Alexa). We will be visiting places where they have different money and food and customs and sometimes speak a completely different language. But I have faith in our travel skills and that there will still be kind, helpful people who want to assist us, even on the other side of the world.

Justine and I have decided we want to update as often as we can, so check back soon and check back often! We’ll try to be informative and entertaining…hopefully you can have a laugh and learn something new right along with us!

Love, Luck & Luggage!


PS – For those of you who have followed his travels before be very excited because….Doug is back!!! Yes, Justine & I will not be the only ones going to Europe. Doug is packed and ready to go, although I’m a little worried he may not be able to handle his pack…

Doug all packed to go!