I wanna go to Camp Jupiter!

Hello loyal followers! We come to you today from Innsbruck, Austria. That may seem a little random but we have our reasons. We are on our way to Florence, Italy which is quite a distance from Germany’s lovely Rhine Valley. So as to avoid hours of straight train riding, we have made a stop off here!

The majority of our day was taken up with train travel. But we are pros at that by now, so we easily kept ourselves entertained. Kristin just purchased the new Rick Roidon book (Son of Neptune) so she had her nose deep in it (well as deep as one can get their nose into an ebook on the iPad). Justine was reading the copy of The Other Boleyn Girl that she had brought from home. Then after we changed trains in Munich (or München in Germany…which Justine thinks looks like Munchkin) we switched books.

Arriving in Innsbruck, we found it cold & wet. However, the forecast had shown it as very cold & very wet with possible snowfall, so just cold & wet seemed like a good deal. We took the bus to the hostel. It’s nice enough for a place we will only be at for one night (our time is Innsbruck will only total about 20 hours). Then, armed with out rain coats & umbrellas, we went back into the center of town for supper.
Despite the weather & our brief time here, we think we will remember Innsbruck fondly. It is an adorable city that just feels like a cute ski town. It would be a great place to visit in the middle of the winter when the slopes are open! The buildings are all tall & pointy and painted in a variety of colors. They look perfect against the backdrop of the Alps. Yes, the actual Alps. We had a moment of realization that those mountains in front of us were part of one of the most famous chains in the world. Very cool! Basically, we didn’t get to really know the city, but we would come back. And we would definitely recommend it to any ski bunnies!
20111009-194537.jpg 20111009-194616.jpg

For supper we went to an Italian place that also served German food. Innsbruck is very Italian in nature. We guess that makes sense considering how close it is to Italy and Austria’s history…under the Hapsburg dynasty, Austria became one of the great powers of Europe. This Holy Roman Empire was based in the capital city of Vienna. In 1867, the empire was reformed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. When this Empire collapsed after WWI the first Austrian Republic was formed however, shortly later it became part of Nazi Germany. Finally Austria became its own country just recently. In the end, it makes sense that they just adopt the food & culture from the countries around them since at one time or another the Austrian Empire expanded through most of central and eastern Europe. But back to our food…We had one last schnitzel, this time Viennese style as we are in Austria. We had tea with it because it was too cold for alcohol.

Tomorrow is more travel & another new country.
Love, Luck & Leisurely Rail Rides,