You had me at KitKat Balls.

We had the option of leaving very early this morning for Marseille or waiting until afternoon. Seeing as we didn’t have much planned once we got to our next destination, we chose to sleep-in (which we didn’t really do, but we didn’t have to wake up early either). After leisurely getting ready, packing up and eating breakfast we took one last stroll along Nice’s promenade. It was wonderfully hot & sunny out, which made our market visit and time spent lounging in chairs overlooking the beach incredibly relaxing. We decided we could just sit and stare at the water (slash watch the people frolicing on the beach) for hours…but eventually we had to get up, head to the station and begin our 3 hour trip to Marseille.

Marseille is the 2nd largest city in France. It is also the oldest city in France, having been founded by the Greeks in 600BC. Our hostel was right next to the train station and had provided us with very detailed instructions on how to get there. Despite that we still had a few minutes of random wandering before we figured it out. The hostel is nice, the best part being the sturdy wooden bunk beds…not squeaking metal bunks for us tonight!

Although our time in Marseille was brief and not overly exciting, we did enjoy it. We walked through the city streets until we reached the port. Here a wide variety of boats were moored, although none quite as grand as the ones in other Riviera locations we’ve visited. This spot also provided a nice view of Marseille’s Notre Dame cathedral, which is perched atop a hill, overlooking the whole area.

We went for supper at one of the restaurants lining the port. It was called Hippopotamus…maybe not the most appealing name, but the food looked delicious. We were craving a good American style burger and that’s exactly what we got. The bun was toasty, the onions were fried to perfection and the patty tasted homemade. When paired with half a liter of wine it made an excellent meal!

On our way back to the hostel we couldn’t help but stop to admire the decorations at the Christmas market. This holiday tradition began in Germany but has now spread throughout Europe. Adorable little wooden huts house stands of food, crafts, soaps and various other potential gifts. It’s like a craft sale at home, but outside as the European climate allows you to be outside without freezing to death. Surrounding the market area were many lights and other festive displays, including strings of lights that attached to the tops of buildings to criss-cross the street. These white lights blinked and sparkled to create a truly magical effect.
It was a bit odd though to be walking in a Christmas village that wasn’t a winter wonderland as well. These cities seem to be pushing us to get into the Christmas spirit, but we find it hard without the chilly weather. We are actually getting nostalgic for snow…which we are sure seems crazy to everyone at home who is having to deal with it… We are finding ourselves excited to get home and dig out the winter jackets, gloves, wooly scarves and Ugg boots.

And before we go we’d like to introduce a new segment here at Wonder & Wanderlust that feels appropriate now that we are less than 3 weeks from home…
What We Miss (a list of things we are excited about when we get home):
Our Wardrobes…it will be nice to have the option of more than 2 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters and 5 shirts.

Love, Luck & Lack of Snow,