I don’t usually know what you’ve been touching… Or Tonight we could push the beds together!

Happy Three-Quarters Trip-iversary! Yes today marks the 3/4 mark of our trip which, on a four month trip, means that one month from today we will be setting foot on Canadian soil once again. This is a sad thought, as we are loving Europe and everything we have got to/will get to see, do & experience here, but also happy, as we miss home, our families & Tim Hortons.

Today also marked our exit from Rome and our last full day in Italy. After a brioche breakfast (Yum Yum!)…
…we boarded the train north. After 5 hours of training and a quick stop over in Milan we arrived in Genoa…or Genova if you are Italian…again with the Englified names…so weird… Our hostel turned out not to be a hostel at all…it is actually a cute little bed and breakfast. Upon arriving Kristin remembered that those were pretty much all there was in Genoa, so we had a nice romantic little room.
20111115-212226.jpg 20111115-212232.jpg
It’s so nice to not sleep in a bunk bed for a few nights. No climbing up & down (if you’re Kristin) or having to listen to someone creak over you all night (if you’re Justine). And our room had that adorable little table and a fan and tons of room spread out.

We spent our afternoon just wandering around. We walked along the boardwalk and checked out the boats. Then we went out onto the pier and appreciated the beauty of coastal Italy. It looks so cool how they build right into hills. It creates a very dynamic appearance. Plus the colors are really pretty.
20111115-211736.jpg 20111115-211755.jpg

Genoa is one of those towns that shuts down on Mondays instead of Sundays, so finding supper was a harder task than one might guess. Eventually we found an open restaurant that had actual meals…and not just kebabs, donairs and pizza by the slice. It ended up being a great meal for our last hurrah in Italy. We each had a heaping plate of seafood spaghetti. It was topped with all sorts of creatures: shrimp, clams, mussels, calimari and plenty of thing with squiggly little legs (Justine couldn’t bring herself to eat these so Kristin volunteered to take them). We paired this with white wine on tap. Yes this classy place has wine of tap. It was a bit fizzy when you poured it, but tasted just like normal white wine. Italy, we will miss your meals!

We should probably mention how much we enjoyed your responses to the Roman Gods question! So much thought put into it! We will be writing a little something up about it sometime soon, but until then people can still submit their answers!

Love, Luck & Legs…or should we say tentacles….