Maybe we’re just missing Canada a little bit…

We were just watching YouTube videos and somehow ended up here… Do you guys remember this? If you don’t, watch it to see the awesomeness that is Canada. If you do, watch it to see the awesomeness that is Canada.

Come join the Edmonton Hop On/Hop Off City Bus tour!

We have finally had the time to sort through and evaluate all of your sightseeing suggestions! It was hard work as you all did such a good job of coming up with ideas!

Here was our judging criteria:
Was it a sight that hadn’t been listed yet?
Was it within the range that our tour could go without being hours long?
Was it worth a stop of it’s own?
Was it something that would be part of a stop someone else listed?
Was it something you wouldn’t stop at but would just point out?

In the end we gave 1 point for a stop and .5 point for something that you’d just point out and not stop at (or would be added to a previously listed stop).

The points that everyone received for this challenge and will be added to everyone’s running totals are:

Nicole – 15.5 points
Kelsey – 7 points
Kummer Parents – 6 points (you can’t argue that Brad K deserved some creativity points there!)
Kristin – 5 points
Alexa – 4.5 points
Padget Parents – 2 points

We’re not going to post the overall totals (shhh it’s a secret) but we will tell you it’s still a close race! So keep checking and keep participating! The better the competition the better the prize!

❤ K&J

Stuck in TO

Well, the day started off swell…the flight from Edmonton went off without a hitch, although they neglected to give us peanuts or pretzels 😦 We did however get apple juice and to watch Rango (it was weird).
Now our 2.5 hour layover in Toronto has turned into 4 hours. It seems our plane has a flat tire…or something like that…and I imagine it’s harder to change than the one on your car. Justine thinks it would probably take her longer to change her car tire though. So you join us as we sit on the floor of Toronto Terminal 171 in a rather bored state.
9 hours till London…
Love, Luck & Layovers,