Antlers make it very unsafe to walk down the street…

As promised, we are back! Today we recommence with daily blog posts. And on an unrelated (and by that we mean completely related) note, this morning we left Budapest. We packed up and loitered around while everyone else got up. We weren’t the only ones leaving today and when you combined that with the Sunday morning hang-over the mood was rather melancholy. Goodbyes always suck but we have Facebook to keep in touch, so we set off for the train station excited for the rest of our trip!

Our train ride was 9-1/4 hours long…without any changes…just 9hrs 15min straight on a train. It was long… We passed the time in the usual ways: reading, writing emails, blogging. However, the most popular activities of the ride seemed to be staring out the window and sleeping. Even Kristin caught some Zzzz’s. And seeing as she has snapped & included photos of Justine sleeping more than once, Justine thought she’d return the favor…the only problem is that, while Justine always looks so cute & peaceful in those photos, Kristin looks like this:
Yikes! She’s never claimed to be an attractive sleeper…more the mouth-hanging-open/drool-all-over-your-pillow type.

Eventually we ended up in Ljubljana, aka the most impossible place to pronounce of the trip. It is located in Slovenia and involved crossing through Croatia to get to…at least Kristin went through Croatia. Telus texts us every time we enter a country to tell us about phone & text rates. Kristin recieved texts for Croatia, Justine did not…maybe just Kris’s part of the compartment passed in? Anyway, it was late by the time we got in so we just went to the hostel.

This hostel had an original hook: it used to be a prison. We stayed in one of the original prison cells. It still had the original barred door inside of our other one (barred doors don’t leave much privacy). It was a little jarring to see when you first walk in. The room is also stark white & minimalistic, so it looked like it could be a cell…but then again hostel rooms are often decorated like that, so it’s not saying much for accommodations on this trip. Check out some photos of our own little jail cell:
20111107-211124.jpg 20111107-211144.jpg

Not too long, but that’s all for today!
Love, Luck & Lockdown,