And then he came over the hill and the little boy was so happy!

This morning we treated ourselves to breakfast out. It seemed like the thing to do on our last full day in Europe. We found a place with a sweet deal and ate like the Brits would (except without the Heinz beans):

Next we headed back to Oxford Street to finish up our shopping…there were still plenty of stores to hit! However we really only ended up making more purchases in Primark…but it was cool to walk the famous shopping area anyways. After a coffee break at lunch time we hopped on the undergroud. While waiting at the metro stop we saw another celebrity! This time we got a picture with him:
That’s Henry VIII for those of you that can’t just recognize him like we can.

The underground brought us out a place where we could use the crosswalk…not very exciting sounding…until we point out that it was outside this place:
and on this road:
and inspired these photos:
20111213-203525.jpg 20111213-203558.jpg
If you haven’t got the references yet, well you’re either very young or completely uneducated in music. That is the crosswalk that the Beatles are pictured crossing on the cover of the Abbey Road album. Don’t we look just like them?

We ate our last real European meal in a pub in the road to Trafalgar Square. It was a delicious meat pie each:
Then we wandered the streets to Trafalgar Square and past Parliament, Big Ben & the London Eye. We tried to take it all in because it is home tomorrow!

Daily Wrap-Up Question:
Today we just want to know who is reading our blog…so the request is simple, just write your name in a comment. This one is the most important request we’ve made yet because we want EVERYONE to do it. It’s really simple to comment and you don’t have to sign up or anything…just comment as a guest! Please Please Please just write your name and maybe how you are associated with us…if you are associated with us in any way…for example, “I am Justine’s mother” or “I work with Kristin’s dad”.
Thanks in advance for doing this for us!

What We Miss:
Because we have run out of things we guess we can now say our sisters….Just Kidding! We saved the best for last! We super miss Sister K and Sister P…in fact we have a countdown until we see them:
Until Justine gets to see her little sister – approx 29 hours
Until Kristin gets to see her big sister – approx 53 hours

Love, Luck & Last Day in London

PS. Don’t forget to sign your name in a comment!