My sandwich was on the White House Lawn.

Today was home day. Sad but true. Luckily our flight wasn’t until later in the day so we were able to enjoy a few more hours of DC before venturing off home. After all of our walking and museum visitations we thought we’d go a different direction with our last day: The Big Bus Company Sightseeing Bus.

We started with the Yellow Loop. This ride took us up through Georgetown. We’re glad we spent some time on the streets of this hipster neighborhood but the bus provided us with a larger look at what Georgetown has to offer. Next time we’d love to spend some time exploring & patronizing the cute boutique shops that litter the streets and try some more funky restaurants.

Yellow also worked as our link to the Green Loop. Green weaves the streets of north-west tourist DC. Here we were afforded views of the National Cathedral, which is quite grand and Notre-Dame-esque…although it is visibly newer. Apparently there are carvings of Darth Vader in the stone. The Neo-Gothic architecture isn’t fooling anyone into thinking it’s truly gothic. It’s just to squeaky clean & not at all crumbly. We were also driven down Embassy Row. This is the strip where most nations keep their American-based embassy. But not Canada. We still had yet to pass by our ‘true north strong & free’ nations representation in our southern neighbor’s country. Being geography nerds we found trying to name the flags hanging in front of each door a most-excellent game. It would have helped if it had been windy…a limp flag is much harder to recognize than one waving in the breeze. A little air movement would also have helped with the stifling heat. So hot!
Photo 2014-06-17, 3 44 43 PM
The Blue Loop was the one Justine was most psyched for, not because it necessarily had the best sites but because of where they were. Virginia! Justine can cross another state off her list! We passed the Pentagon, which is one of the world’s largest office buildings square footage wise (encompassing over 6 million square feet!). It’s also famously the home of the US Department of Defense & Department of War. One side holds a simple yet poignant memorial to the people killed in the September 11th attack. Lighted benches are engraved with the names of those who lost their lives. Their orientations reflect where they were when they died: If they were in the Pentagon their names will be correct when looking at the building. If they were on the plane their names will read right when looking away from the building into the open sky. Also in Virginia is Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place of Presidents Taft & JFK. Kris spent some time here on her previous visit and Justine thinks she’d like to return to walk amongst the graves.

We concluded with the Red Loop. By this time we felt as if we were wax figures melting into pools on the floor of the double-decker bus, but we were determined to do the highlights blitz this last tour offered. We had a recap of the monuments around the Tidal Basin and Mall, although the views are not good from the road so definitely actually visit them if you’re in DC! And finally as we approached the last stop before Union Station (where we’d disembark) we found the Canadian Embassy. It is right in the thick of things on Constitution Ave, giving us the impression that the US thinks highly of its northern friends. The building is quite nice with an abundance of Canadian flags waving. Oh Canada, our home & native land!
Photo 2014-06-17, 3 43 32 PM
The sightseeing bus is an effective and fun way to see the city, but is hardly the fastest way to get anywhere. The last leg of the tour took forever…however we still arrived back at the train station with plenty of time for a late crepe lunch. When we were fed & watered we grabbed our bags and changed into comfy flying clothes. The airport was an easy Metro ride away. And Canada, aka Toronto, was only a short plane ride away. Flight delays pushed that short ride back a bit but our lengthy layover in TO allowed for that.

In Toronto it was supper time (technically we landed after conventional dinner time but it was our first chance to eat an evening meal). After customs and baggage check and security we found a restaurant in the terminal. Justine ordered a burger and fries, while Kris feasted on bacon and eggs (because she can never pass up all-day breakfast). We finished in perfect time to catch our next plane. This flight had sporadic stretches of pretty bad turbulence but we got home fine. It was super late so all we wanted was to get home to bed! Recaps of the trip still to come!

– Some people really struggle…like really hard.
– Kris is a vampire that must avoid sunlight to survive.
– Hipster Amish is a thing….right??

Love, Luck & Loops,
Justine & Kris


I’m worried about the safety of the Hungarian President.

We started out our day at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. The zoo was developed in the late 1890’s and has over 200 animals. Among them were gorillas and orangutans, tigers, Komodo dragons, elephants (from the Calgary zoo) and a family of otters with adorable food themed names. Justine took Kris to the bird house (where she only had one little that-bird-is-out-to-kill-me fit) and Kris dragged Justine into the reptile house (although she still didn’t look at the giant snakes).
Photo 2014-06-17, 10 52 00 AM
One of the highlights was the 6 lion cubs. We learned later that the 2 females were born in January and the 4 boys in March. The 4 youngest had just been put on display two days earlier! Lucky us to get to see them! It would have been unfortunate if they hadn’t successfully completed their swim test and weren’t allowed into the outdoor enclosure…seriously, look it up; the lion cub swim test is a real (and adorable) thing. They were too cute, just like you’d expect lion cubs to be.

We were also excited to see the cheetahs. This is one animal we’d never seen before. You can tell they were built for speed with their slender frame and long limbs.
Photo 2014-06-17, 10 53 58 AM
However the highlights of the entire zoo were the 3 giant pandas. Our first glimpse was at the male sitting and chowing down on some bamboo…it was an iconic panda shot. We were overly excited. He was everything a panda should be…basically hungry…and cuddly looking. Additionally we were able to observe the female and little Bao Bao. Baby Bao Bao had only been allowed outside for the past two months so we were excited to see her…though she was hard to spot at first as she
was hidden up a tree. Apparently she likes climbing 🙂 Having arrived early the crowds weren’t too bad so we spent a lot of time sitting by the pandas smiling from ear to ear.
Photo 2014-06-17, 10 57 04 AM
Overall we were extremely impressed with the zoo. All of the animals had large and open habitats. It seemed a lovely place to live and the home of extensive important animal research & breeding. With the recent influx of adorable baby animals, we just might start following the National Zoo on Twitter.

Although it was excellent weather for the zoo (sunny, warm but not too hot, and the least humid its been this entire trip) we were ready to welcome some air conditioning into our lives. We found some at Gordon Biersch Restaurant and Brewery. This was actually the second time Kris had been to this particular restaurant, as she’d come here last summer. Justine feasted on a California burger with avocado & thousand island dressing, while Kris indulged with a Farmhouse burger that featured bacon jam & a fried e.g.…she basically loves anything that sounds like a heart-attack on a bun. We enjoyed some much needed rest and sangria (because this pair cannot pass up sangria) before embarking on another afternoon of museum walking.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 00 12 AM

Our next destination was The National Portrait Gallery & Smithsonian American Art Museum. This museum, while being a Smithsonian, is not located on the Mall. It is instead downtown in the old Patents Office building. We explored the modern art section of the American Art gallery, as Kris enjoys the quirks & oddities of modern art, but spent the majority of our time in the Portrait Gallery. We find ourselves more interested in the people than the pictures themselves. In the Early Americans section we started a fun new “game”: We would walk into a room containing 8 to 12 portraits and go to the one we found ourselves most drawn to. As we have rather different personalities & tastes they were rarely the same painting. After reading about our subject we would rendezvous in the centre of the room to brief each other on our person’s contribution to American history. Double the learning in half the time!

A special exhibit was running that spotlighted the main contributors in the world of dance. Rooms were dedicated to ballerinas, choreographers, hollywood stars & starlets and the big names of Broadway. A video screen even played some of the most classic moments, such as Patrick Swazy in Dirty Dancing and Ginger Rodgers & Fred Astaire floating together magically. Another exhibit chronicalled the development of “cool” from jazz singers to the rebel without a cause actor James Dean to todays hit makers like Jay-Z.
Photo 2014-06-17, 10 59 04 AM
Our favorite section was the Hall of Presidents…and it was a collective favourite. Justine loved it too, not just the president-obsessed Kris. This is the only collection of official portraits (meaning they were actually sat for by the subjects) outside the White House. Beside each was a brief description of the President. Sometimes his early life. Sometimes how he was elected. SOmetimes the great things he did in office. SOmetimes the accomplishments he made after retiring from running the country. Justine has yet to figure out who is her favorite, although she is inspired to read up on each of them. Kris has known her favorite is Lincoln since she was about 9 years old.

Justine had yet to see any of the Washington monuments so this evening Kris put her tour guide skills to the test and provided Justine with a walking tour of the Tidal Basin. She had went on an actual guided tour of the area last summer and Justine thought she did quite well recalling the historical stories. Only once was she caught on wikipedia checking her facts.

The tour started with Ford’s Theatre. It was here Abraham Lincoln was assassinated just days after the end of the Civil War in 1865. Next we passed the south front of the White House…where the Obama family actually lives. There’s no way to tell if the president is home, except for the number of snippers and we couldn’t see any from across the lawn. Interestingly the White House has no front or back door. There are two fronts, one facing north and one south. During the Civil War the direction of the front door would have shown preference to the Union or Confederates so they decided to remain ambiguous.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 06 26 AM
Next we headed towards the Tidal Basin, a man-made lake surrounded by a number of cherry blossom trees, a gift from Japan. The National Cherry Blossom festival is held here every year in

The first memorial was for Martin Luther King Jr. The monument opened in 2011 and shows MLK emerging as the ‘stone of hope’ from the ‘mountain of despair’. It is a representation of the words from his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. The wall behind the statue is filled with his most famous quotes. They were very moving and inspiring to read. It’s amazing to think of the power of one person.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 02 19 AM
The next monument was for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America’s longest serving president and president during the majority of WWII. The monument consists of 4 rooms showing the different stages of his presidency. A statue of him in his wheelchair was added after the unveiling as many believed his illness was a large part of who he was as president. Here you’ll also find the only monument for a first lady: Eleanor Roosevelt was not only an active first lady but also became the first US ambassador to the UN.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 03 55 AM
Next was a monument remembering George Mason. This monument for the ‘forgotten founder’ is often overlooked by tourists, as Mason is sometimes overlooked in history.George Mason played a large role in the writing of the US constitution but be would not sign it because it did not include a section on individual rights. This was ammended in the Bill of Rights but he still had differing views on slavery from the other founding fathers that prevented him from signing. This monument shows a lounging and relaxed Mason. It makes him look like a cool dude we’d like to hang out with sometime.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 04 56 AM
The final monument was for Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and writer
of the Declaration of Independence. The memorial is designed like a greek temple but is also based on designs of buildings Jefferson designed. Inside is a 19 foot statue of Jefferson looking out at the White House. His body placement implies he is ready to leap into action at a moments notice. Its not hard to imagine him striding across the basin to assisst Obama in a time of need.
Photo 2014-06-17, 11 05 33 AM
After the tour we sat on the steps of the monument before beginning the walk home. It seemed like an extra long walk today and we collapsed onto the floor of our room when we finally made it back. Uuuggghhhhhhh! So much walking!

– Panda mating is hilarious and awkward…as well as usually ineffective.
– Baby animals are the cutest.
– ALex Trebek has hosted a Guinness World Record setting 6, 829 episodes of Jeopardy!

Love, Luck, Lemurs & Lions,
Justine & Kris